PLP To Hold 55th Founder’s Day On March 3rd

February 19, 2019

The PLP will hold their 55th Founder’s Day and Drum Major Awards Luncheon on Sunday, March 3 at CedarBridge Academy Cafeteria beginning at 2:00 pm.

“The Keynote Speaker for this year’s event will be Minister of Tourism & Transport Zane DeSilva, the MP for Constituency 29, Southampton East,” a spokesperson said.

“Regular tickets are $50 and Patron tickets are $100 and are available from Alaska Hall, Party Headquarters. There is also the option of purchasing tables of 10 for $1000.

“We invite members, friends and the wider public to attend this luncheon where we will pay tribute to the founding fathers of the PLP, as well as hear addresses from Minister DeSilva. There will also be remarks from our Party Leader, David Burt.”

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  1. Onion Peels says:

    Why is a political party holding an event a public school?
    Don’t they believe is supporting Bermudian business?

    PLP’s idea of austerity – hold a luncheon in a cafeteria instead of a fancy black tie dinner in a local hotel. No reduction in ticket prices though. A bit like the trash service – a reduction in service but no reduction in taxes.

    • Question says:

      They’re using public government-owned property for private PLP events. Typical. We pay for this s*1t.

      • sandgrownan says:

        Standard PLP MO. They believe they have a right to public money.

  2. Mark says:

    Actually, with Zane speaking it should be more like a Just for Laughs comedy show. So the ticket price is average.

    Wonder if OJ can spot me some cash?

  3. TJ says:

    Wow, this looks like an afternoon from hell. Venue, price, keynote…

    I fear I am washing my toenails then.

  4. St.George's Passport and Immigration Control says:

    the plp founding father’s would roll in their graves if they could see the state of Bermuda under the present plp.

  5. aceboy says:

    No Wakanda Royalty? That is strange. According to Walton everything is going swimmingly and the economy is booming.

  6. Sorry Sir says:

    People actually pay to go to these things?

  7. Mark says:

    Fitting speaker. This party is rolling through our pocket books again like a pack of cowboys! Yeehaw!

  8. kangoocar says:

    No thanks, I would rather be having a colonoscopy over attending a stupid event such as that!

  9. Retro says:

    One hundred dollars to hear a Zane DeSilva speech? That’s pretty pricey! Do you get a complimentary MRI scan with that ?

  10. Adklee says:

    So a table of 10 not only has to be patrons, but there’s no discount involved….?

    Congrats on the milestone PLP. When the show is over, how bout you try honoring those who have tombstones. Presently, you just be kickin round stones.

  11. Dready says:

    The keynote speaker might talk about the reason why The Port Royal refurbishment cost so…much

  12. Stevie says:

    Watching paint dry would more exciting than spending $ for another wasted afternoon with more plp dribble.