Free Training Course For Hospitality Industry

March 6, 2019

The Department of Workforce Development has partnered with Take Five Limited to create a three-week training program which will provide participants with certifications for the Hospitality Industry.

“The Tourism, Hospitality and Service Industries continue to be Bermuda’s largest employment sectors,” explained the Minister of Labour, Community Affairs and Sports Lovitta Foggo.

“It is anticipated that within the next two years, two additional hotels will open on island, which will create hundreds of job opportunities for the Bermudian workforce. Consequently, we are seeking to develop our Bermudian workforce for those potential opportunities.

“This free, upcoming training course will provide intensive training in ‘front of house’ procedures such as setting tables, customer service and food & wine tasting. It is designed to give participants a broad understanding of a number of things including dietary needs, food and beverage serving and coffee production.

“Successful participants will receive certifications that are internationally-recognized. At the completion of this course, participants should be more marketable and ready to enter careers within Bermuda’s Hospitality sector.”

Take Five Limited and the Department of Workforce Development are seeking interested candidates to enroll in this free three-week training course for positions within the food and beverage industry.

Candidates must be:

  • Bermudian
  • Competent in basic Mathematics and English
  • Able to commit to a three-week training course
  • Skilled and experienced in customer service
  • Good with time management
  • Positive and have a great attitude
  • Team oriented
  • Flexible and able to work nights, weekends and public holidays

All applications should be accompanied with:

  • A personal statement [500 words describing why you are interested in this program]
  • An up-to-date resume
  • Proof that you are a registered Bermudian [Passport with Registered as a Bermudian stamp affixed/voter’s ID Card/Official letter from Immigration stating you are registered as a Bermudian]

To learn more about this opportunity please contact Meisha Easton, Human Resources Manager at by March 15, 2019.

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Comments (11)

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  1. Uh Lala says:

    What about a police background check as well? These young guys are sweethearts at first until they don’t get what they wanted and dictate how they will work. Learn about their past before investing in them. They say they change until they’re having a bad day.

  2. Rise says:

    Good point!

  3. No discrimination says:

    How negative. Give them a chance, if it doesn’t go well, just like with any other employee, you activate your disciplinary procedures. Problem is, most employers are clueless about to manage their employees.

    With you mindset, just because someone has a criminal conviction,you would prefer they never work again. Sad.

    • Jiko says:

      Be good and act right and all will follow well also! You think the tourist are gonna want a theft around them while they’re on vacation???

      • Lloyd says:

        And what you think every tourist is a Saint.

    • Uh Lala says:

      My mindset?? I’ve been through this giving second and third chances all the time to these guys. Try and get them knocking at your home in the middle of the night threatening you, your wife, and kids and let me know if your not gonna dig deeper next time when your hire someone! These guys give people their puppy eyes at first and show their teeth at the end. And its over the stupidest things. So yes, I rather have a people that shows up everyday and says yes sir all the time rather than these guys that are always high as kites and giving stupid attitude when you ask them to do a simple task! Oh, just in case you throw your stupid remarks around – I’m a black Bermudian and my business is suffering drastically since PLP going in. Wake up people!


    • E says:

      Truth be told! There are a large number of clueless and uncertified Management and Human Resource teams island wide. Some potential employees simply don’t know how to conduct themselves and could simply use a dedicated employer that is willing to take time to assess them and provide training accordingly. Employers needs to start actually aiming higher professionally, they often discourage potential employees and are quite quick to judge, dismiss, and ill-treat staff yet still expecting a different outcome.

      Employers, everyone is different, needs to eat, has adulating to do, and are worthy of a comfortable life. Change the way you look at people and stop looking down your nose like you’re doing people a favor. Stop pointing fingers and do your business, country and residents better.

  4. Double S says:

    “It is anticipated that within the next two years, two additional hotels will open on island, which will create hundreds of job opportunities for the Bermudian workforce.

    Thanks OBA for making these jobs possible!!!!

  5. me says:

    and don’t put up with them suckin their teeth when they are asked to do a task

  6. Ida Magin says:

    Have a pre/ post course online .
    Along with ratification and life saving courses.
    May employee betterment courses have employee worth adustment positively reenforced by…