Court Dismisses Kadeem Abraham’s Appeal

April 5, 2019

The court has dismissed an appeal from Kadeem Abraham — a Corrections Officer who was convicted of attempting to smuggle a cell phone to a prisoner inside of a mayonnaise packet — and remitted the matter to Magistrates Court for sentencing.

In describing the background to the case, the ruling said, “The Appellant was convicted after a lengthy trial in the Magistrates Court of the offence of attempting to convey an article, namely a cell phone, to a prisoner in contravention of Section 26[b] of the Prisons Act 1979.

“The Appellant was a Corrections’ Officer and had been working at the Westgate facility in the remand housing unit. At approximately 4 o’clock in the afternoon the Chief Corrections’ Officer approached Mr. Abraham. He had come by “certain information” an hour earlier and based on that he asked Mr. Abraham to come with him to the boardroom in the administrative area.

“There, in the presence of another officer, he asked Mr. Abraham if he had anything on his person. He denied he had anything. He emptied his pockets and from the last pocket which he emptied, on prompting from the Chief Corrections‘ Officer who had noticed a small bulge, he produced a blue and white mayonnaise packet that was wrapped in plastic wrap.

“Inside this packet there was a very small cell phone. The Appellant told the Chief Corrections’ Officer the name of the person who had given him the package and that he had been asked to give it to another inmate in the maximum security area of the prison.

“However, he said that he had accepted this for the purpose of examining it later, not knowing that it contained a cell phone. He said he would have examined it when he got the opportunity to do so.”

The full judgement follows below [PDF here]:

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