New Minister For Cabinet Office: Wayne Furbert

April 22, 2019

Wayne Furbert has been appointed Minister for the Cabinet Office, replacing Walton Brown, with the Government confirming that the “change in ministerial responsibilities is effective as at 23rd April 2019.”

Premier David Burt said, “I wish to thank former Minister Brown for his service in Cabinet.

“He brought a reasoned and thoughtful approach to the discharge of his ministerial responsibilities and I am confident that he will continue to serve the people of Bermuda well in other areas.”

“As Junior Minister of Finance, Wayne Furbert has worked extremely hard and has provided significant support of the Ministry’s core functions as well as leadership of the Government’s Efficiency Committee. I look forward to him joining the Cabinet team and bringing the same energy to this new role.”

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  1. Leisha says:


  2. St.George's Passport and Immigration Control says:

    and may the Lord have mercy on our Island!

  3. confused says:

    and it goes from bad to worse, may god bless this island cause now it deff going to get worse with this government , Furbert really that the best you can come up with, PLP has no clue how to run this country, That it time to leave. god bless us all

    • But he was ok when he was Leader of ubp/oba.

      • Wahoo says:

        He was a bad choice for leader of UBP he is not a competent person generally.

      • aceboy says:

        Not at all. That period in time just highlighted how useless he is. And your lot just put him BACK into cabinet after he displayed how useless he was during the PLP’s last disastrous attempt at governing. The damage he did to this island will never be fully known with all his antics and faux pas at high level events. His last proposals to fix the economy was just a list of things he felt should be taxed. He has no clue at all.

      • sandgrownan says:

        Is that the best you can do? Really.

      • Mark says:

        Actually no, he was just as useless then.

  4. Rotten Onion says:

    Why do we need a minister for the Cabinet office.

  5. Navin Johnson says:

    same old same old…..has he suddenly become competent?

    • Mixitup says:

      He seemed competent enough to be the UBP leader…. oh right, surrogate nevermind.

  6. kevin says:

    The Circus continues …flip flop ” worked very hard and provided significant support” if you reward someone with a Cabinet ministers salary for budget they delivered we are in quicksand . He replaced a rock with a rock so I guess no change there. This government needs to resign they have no vision , they lack the ability to initiate stimulus to the economy and we are sinking every deeper and deeper , cant wait for the final numbers of the 2018/19 financials will be. Smoke and mirrors cant cover the actuals lets see if they kept their word.

  7. Wahoo says:

    That must suck to lose your job to WF.

  8. JAYBIRD says:

    Let us sing a song of praise…

  9. Joe Bloggs says:

    Premier David Burt said, “I wish to thank former Minister Brown for his service in Cabinet.”

    FORMER Minister Walton Brown? What happened there?

    • Madge says:

      What the hell did Walton do when he was a minister ? he sure took a lot of trips to England, and accomplished nada..and else for Furbert,well we have gone from bad to worse.

      • cromwell says:

        Walton was more reasonable than people gave him credit for but his political views were left of labour.

  10. trump supporter says:

    Lets see flip flops comments on the retail decline.

    • Mark says:

      Easy – “its all the UBP’s fault. Even though I was a cardholding member!”. Sincerely, Flip Flop

    • Madge says:

      Looks like the U.B.P. are back in power.. we have the flip floppers running the Island, good for you Simmons,Furbert,and Swan,who would have thought you lot would have ministerial positions in the P.L.P.
      They say money is the root of all evil..

  11. Sandgrownan says:

    So now flip flop is the new minister of f*** all!

    Lol…. something about deck chairs and the Titanic.

    • BDAGIRL says:

      Sandgrownan, you win the award for the best comment of the day. LOL

    • Yahoo says:

      Well then, he’s a minister of something he is good at…

      Poor Wally Brown, losing your job to Flip Flop is like losing it to a 4 year-old. Ouch.

  12. DeOnion says:

    Now we have the arch anti SSM person in cabinet, oh great, but why oh why do we need a minister of cabinet at all???!! A complete waste of money

    • sandgrownan says:

      Grace and Favour.

      • You praised him when he was on ya side, then crucify him when he wakes up.

        • sandgrownan says:

          Actually, I’m not sure that I did. WF aka Flip Flop has always been an idiot.

        • truthertz says:

          And you lot criticized him relentlessly when he wasn’t on ‘ya side.’

  13. Red rose says:

    Huge missed opportunity from the premier to reduce the ministerial wage bill and show leadership and empathy to all those who are suffering in this tanking economy.
    Poor, very poor indeed

    • inna says:

      My thoughts exactly. Why do we need a minister for the cabinet office ?

    • watching says:

      it likely actually has been reduced. Furbert was a junior minister already, so even though he gets a raise for his ascension, Brown being removed from cabinet saves more than the raise Furbert will go. So there is likely some savings made.

  14. Mark says:

    Dumb to Dumber.

    Amazing how the Pee El Pee can welcome a former UBP’er to the lofty ranks of uselessness.

  15. Kimberley Smith says:

    I only have one question…why???

    • Joe Bloggs says:

      It might be that Walton Brown is perceived as having greater ambition and poses a threat to Premier Burt. Wayne Furbert poses no such threat.

      • Madge says:

        what is going on in the P.L.P ? I hear that there is a lot of in fighting going on..

  16. Cow Polly says:

    What does the Minister of Cabinet do?

  17. Mr. Apathy says:

    So does this mean that Brown is retiring from politics altogether? Or do the Bermudian taxpayers get to pay for yet another minister without a portfolio?

    It’s also hilariously ironic that the more sycophantic element of the PLP’s voter base harps on and on about the UBP like it’s some boogeyman and decries the OBA as being the same spiritual entity as the UBP, as if the UBP wasn’t already defunct for years now. Yet interestingly, they’re quite happy to have their money fund former UBP career-politicians’ pockets so long as they are on the green team, even if they lack a portfolio.

    Quite amazing what a little political tribalism can do isn’t it?

  18. Humphrey says:

    All we are doing is getting rid of one piece of mugness for another. SMH Mr Burt.

  19. Onion Peels says:

    I love the bi-partisan spirit of Premier Burt.

    The leader of the PLP has appointed the leader of the UBP as Cabinet Minister.

  20. J Austen says:

    I’d say it’s a stitch up job. Walton’s trusting good nature has always been his undoing.

  21. Bermewjan says:

    It’s part of the PLP’s dinosaur exchange program.

  22. Plp Eastern Supporters says:

    Great choice. Wayne works hardest and has the experience! Congratulations

    • Mark says:

      Please make sure you are at the head of the line for the Kool-Aid station.

  23. Bill says:

    I agree, what does a minister for the cabinet office do all day?(Actually, what do they all do all day!)
    Pick up the paper and get the coffee?

  24. Let’s Go Bermuda says:

    Another few hundred thousand THROWN AWAY BY PLP!!!! 2 Ministers without real portfolios…hmmm, come on Bermuda OPEN YOUR EYES!! I would rather take away these friends and family positions and really help the needy…!! Add up all the bad PLP decisions they made and they didn’t have to introduce Sugar Tax, and increase our cost of living!!!

  25. Me says:

    The minister of flip flop lawd a merci what April fool has passed

  26. Jason says:

    Like an ole
    Flip flop u put them