BTA: Cinemagraphs Show Beauty Of Island

May 22, 2019

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a cinemagraph is worth even more.

This is of the view of the BTA, who said, “These dynamic images meld the beauty of stills with touches of subtle motion, vibrating with life. The Bermuda Tourism Authority recently collaborated with digital storytellers Flixel, alongside some of Bermuda’s best creative talent behind and in front of the camera to produce a suite of cinemagraphs that celebrate the vibrant lifestyle of the extraordinary island. The images will be seen in Bermuda’s target markets, as well as in local Bermuda theaters soon.

Light House Bermuda May 2019 GIF

“The goal of the partnership is to bring to life Bermuda’s many opportunities for adventure and blissful relaxation – and illustrate what happens when the island’s charm, natural beauty, and style converge.

“A combination of off and on-island creatives convened in Bermuda for a week to shoot ten different scenes. Collaborating with Bermudian production, hair, make-up artists as well as modeling talent was instrumental in successfully conveying the unique style, vibe, and cultural diversity of Bermuda within the cinemagraphs.

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“Cinemagraphs and stills from the shoot will be featured prominently in Bermuda’s Summer Fridays campaign, including a month-long takeover of the Union Square metro station in New York City and high-impact bus shelters throughout NYC and Boston, as well as in digital, native and social media channels.

“They have also been featured in movie theaters in Bermuda’s primary and secondary target markets such as NYC, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Chicago, San Francisco, and Toronto. By featuring them in high-impact out-of-home placements, including in cities where nonstop flights to Bermuda are two hours or less, they make an escape feel not only alluring but very accessible.”

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“Our target audience is primarily city dwellers who seek to escape the frenzy of the city and hectic schedules and want to get away to somewhere very different for relaxation and rejuvenation,” said Victoria Isley, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer at the Bermuda Tourism Authority.

“These cinemagraphs convey the many ways that Bermuda offers an escape from the ordinary and the opportunity to get swept away in the island’s mystique and unique cultures.”

Lobster Bermuda May 2019 GIF

Flixel is a Toronto-based company whose software tools enable photographers, videographers and digital marketers to tell mesmerizing stories using the new visual medium known as cinemagraphs.

The company is best known for Cinemagraph Pro, a 2014 Apple Design Award winner that is used around the world by a fast-growing community of professional Flixel Artists to create cinemagraphs. The medium is transforming visual storytelling across digital advertising, social media and photography.

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  1. mixitup says:

    Love it!

  2. Guy Fawkes Momma says:

    Bonfires are Illegal on the beaches,the BTA should that!

    • Bermudian Thinker says:

      Google helps!

      Patrons must be mindful of the rules and
      regulations outlined for recreational open fires
      as mandated by the Bermuda National Parks
      Act 1986 and The Bermuda National Parks
      Regulations 1988. See
      All bonfires require a special permit which
      must be obtained from the Department of
      Parks’ office.
      Upon obtaining a special permit, patrons
      will receive all the necessary information on
      proper bonfire conduct within our national

    • Chaunted says:

      They are not illegal, can look right on the park’s website and in the park’s regulations.

    • Clare says:

      Nope. You need a permit from Parks, to put a metal shield underneath and to clean up properly afterwards.

  3. Cordell Riley says:

    Great images!