Designers To Debut Carnival Costume Designs

May 16, 2019

The Carnival Costume Design Challenge Showcase will be held on Friday, May 17th allowing the public to see the designs created by five talented local designers as they showcase their final carnival costume designs to the public.

A spokesperson said, “Five designers; five costume creations! NOVA Mas International, with the support of Bermuda’s Department of Community and Cultural Affairs presents the Carnival Costume Design Challenge Showcase!

“Come out on Friday, May 17th and be wowed by five talented local designers as they showcase their final carnival costume designs to the public, created from their participation in the intensive Bermuda Cultural Apprenticeship Program!

“The growth of Bermuda Carnival over the past few years has far exceeded expectations. While we are very happy at this growth, the limited/lack of skilled local resources available to assist with costume production has become a challenge.

“Given this, NOVA executed an initiative in collaboration with the Department of Community and Cultural Affairs and hosted entry‐level carnival production workshops as a means of introducing the local population to the various roles and skills needed for carnival costume production.

“The sustainability of Mas in Bermuda is largely dependent on consumer satisfaction and the training of local designers to support any or all stages of carnival costume creation phase.

NOVA Mas International Bermuda May 2019

“The workshops were taught by one of NOVA’s international carnival costume designers, Designing Daryl. The participants were trained and educated on techniques that are used by established carnival producers.

“Each participant completed various workshops including: Gemming 101, Featherwork 101 and Costume Design Basics; and were selected as finalists for the Carnival Costume Design Challenge Showcase.

“The five presenting designers include: Colita Cook, James Lee, Barbie Paynter, Kimberley Robinson and Monique Stevens.

“This is a free [ticketed] event and all are welcome to attend. Space is limited; secure your tickets on and show your support to our local budding carnival costume designers!

“Event Details

  • Date: Friday, May 17th 2019
  • Time: 6:00pm
  • Location: The Bermuda National Gallery, Hamilton
  • Admission: Free

For further details and/or information follow @novamasintl on Instagram, email or visit their website

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  1. DesigningDARYL says:

    Thank you for posting this wonderful update. It was a pleasure to work with the participants and I remain pleased with the growth – Bermuda is indeed a force and I have learned so much from the people, places and experiences on the island. I am thrilled I was able to contribute in this way and I look forward to all feedback from the big costume reveal on Friday. BERMUDA HAS TALENT!!!!