Employers’ Compliance 2018 Annual Report

June 23, 2019

“The Employers’ Compliance 2018 Annual Report provides an overview of the Bermuda Health Council’s monitoring and enforcement of the Health Insurance Act 1970 during the 2018 calendar year,” the Council said.

“The Act requires employers to provide health insurance coverage for all employees working more than 15 hours per week and more than two months out of the year, as well as their non-working spouse. The employer is responsible for paying the full premium amount, but can deduct the employee portion from their wages.

“The Health Council continues to receive an increasing number of complaints and queries from members of the public regarding Employers’ Compliance with the Act. There was a 161% increase in the number of complaints received in 2018 compared to 2017. Common complaints received from members of the public include:

  • Employers not obtaining health insurance for employees
  • Employers deducting money from employee wages and not paying for health insurance
  • Employees incurring large medical bills during periods of non-coverage

“Fourteen inspections of employment records were conducted during the reporting period, which resulted in 3 cases referred to the Department of Public Prosecutions and heard in criminal court. Sixty-two employers were published on the Health Council’s website list of non-compliant employers. To access this list, the 2018 Employers’ Compliance Annual Report and additional information on the Act, visit here.

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  1. Charlly X says:

    Good to here the data on this . So when will there be stiff penalties for non compliance . This is literally theft from employees and the system. Something has to be done!