LSM & CPC Sponsor West Pembroke Breakfast

June 13, 2019

Liberty Specialty Markets [LSM] Bermuda, in partnership with the Coalition for Protection of Children [CPC], recently sponsored a hot breakfast at West Pembroke Primary School, with seven LSM volunteers attending the school to serve hot breakfast to the students during the end of year exams on June 11.

Volunteers From Liberty Specialty Markets Bermuda June 2019

Steve Horton, President of LSM Bermuda, said, “We are honored to support the local community through our CSR program. Last year we supported a hot breakfast at West Pembroke Primary school during the Cambridge Exams and we are pleased to be able to support the school again this year during the end of year exams.”

A spokesperson said, “According to the CPC studies to support reasons why children should begin their day with breakfast include finding that breakfast:

  • Improves psychosocial behaviors
  • Affords better concentration, less boredom, less anxiety
  • Lowers risk of indulging in high calorie foods later in the day and helps decrease fat intake throughout the day
  • Kick starts the metabolism to burn fat more effectively
  • Facilitates in achieving and maintaining appropriate body weight
  • Provides brain with needed energy source; glucose
  • Gives needed energy for the day and supports better/more involvement in physical education

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