Parliament: Audio & Order Of Business

July 19, 2019

[Updated with audio] The House of Assembly will be in session today [July 19] and statements scheduled to be delivered include the 2019 Emancipation Commemoration, 2019 Scholarships & Awards and the Bermudian Professional Development: Michele Bean P3 Certification, and Ministers are due to answer Parliamentary Questions on the legal costs of the investigation into Dr Ewart Brown, the budget for the Redemption Farm and the budget for hosting the Bermuda Championship golf event.

Live broadcast has concluded, and the audio of the morning session is below

The Order of Business here [PDF]:

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  1. House of Delflection says:

    Sooo nothing about immigration

  2. Ringmaster says:

    Still nothing about the Comprehensive Immigration Reform the PLP have been promising since their marches and demonstrations against the OBA many years ago.