Premier Hands Out Buju Banton Concert Tickets

August 17, 2019

Premier David Burt sent out a call to the community via his social media for individuals to nominate someone who would be deserving of a free ticket to the Unity Festival Buju Banton concert.

A spokesperson said, “Unity Festival promoters provided the Bermuda Government with a number of tickets to be given out to members of the community as a way to emphasize their theme.

“Today, the Premier presented five tickets to individuals that wrote in on instagram, nominating in 30 words or less, someone they felt was most deserving of a free ticket.


“Recipients included Mr. Daryl Hinkson whose wife Kamaria appealed for the ticket for her husband who she described as a “selfless individual always putting his family before himself”. She added, “Everything he does is for us. I would like to let him know I think of him and want him to have a spectacular time.” Premier Burt also presented Mrs. Hinkson with a ticket so that she could join her husband at the concert.

“Other winners included 45 year old Public Health student, Kennisha Young, mother of three, Khamini Shrinarine, and Angela Simmons who was nominated by her employer.

“This past week MPs canvassed their area for persons to award tickets to.

“Minister Wayne Furbert, Minister for the Cabinet Office, recorded a video announcing his ticket giveaway for constituents of Hamilton Parish to like, share, or comment on his facebook page. He presented the winner Lakae Tavares with her ticket on Thursday.”

“Thank you to Unity Festival organizers for giving back to the community and congratulations to all of their hard working team,” said Premier Burt.








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  1. toadinthehole says:

    David ‘photo op’ Burt

  2. Dockyard Lackey says:

    Unity Festival? No comment necessary.

  3. Mark says:

    No codfish??

  4. Toodle-oo says:

    From a position of political neutrality it would have been far better if the organizers had handed out the tickets .

  5. Excellent says:

    Well done organizers. A nice gesture. Yes, the Premier had to be in the photo. It is all part of the job world wide. Time to stop such foolisment which continues to make folks sound silly and 4th world. Everywhere in the world that’s what leaders are expected to do. But then again they expect Bermuda leaders to have a tricycle and fly on Pan Am or Eastern 3rd class. I bet most people were eager to read if the Govt paid for the tickets so they could say the money could have been used for Seniors or the debt!

  6. Triangle Drifter says:

    So he put the word out on his social media accounts, knowing full well who follows him & does not follow him. More or less a secret exercise. Friends & Family at work. He must think that he was very clever.

  7. neutral says:

    oba ubp supporters

    never see the positive in anything

    • Toodle-oo says:

      Just like PLP diehards saw nothing positive in the AC. The greatest international event ever held in Bda !

  8. Wahoo says:

    Great example.

  9. Rotten Onion says:

    Great diversity PLP as usual.

  10. Gustav says:

    Five Tickets for f and f

  11. Rocky5 says:

    The Emperor hands out free tickets to keep his minions happy!!

  12. Rocky5 says:

    Political neutrality is something completely foreign to the PLP

  13. Berneice says:

    A positive story.
    Congrats to the winners!
    Sounds very deserving!

  14. Up D Hill says:

    Hopefully this Premier and Government are not involved in paying for this concert.

  15. aceboy says:

    OBA should do the same. I mean if buying votes is this easy……

  16. Me says:

    This is why they want the BTA back so they can smoooze with celebs and feel like they are betta than the rest of us