BIU Launch Fundraising Drive To Help Bahamas

September 11, 2019

The Bermuda Industrial Union [BIU] launched a fundraising drive to assist the Bahamas, which has been devastated by Hurricane Dorian and is in urgent need of assistance.

The latest reports from the international media state, “Bahamas emergency services have listed 2,500 people as missing after Hurricane Dorian struck the islands last week. This official count suggests the death toll will be much higher than the current 50, though the number of missing has yet to be checked against those in shelters and should fall.

“Tens of thousands of people remain in need of aid. Dorian equalled the highest winds ever recorded for a hurricane at landfall when it struck the Abaco Islands. Large areas were devastated on the Abacos and on Grand Bahama.”

A spokesperson said, “At the behest and request of the Caribbean Congress of Labour to all of its affiliates, the Bermuda Industrial Union has begun a fundraising drive to assist our brothers and sisters in the Bahamas who are urgently in need of emergency supplies as a result of the devastation of Hurricane Dorian.

“Our theme is ‘Helping to put lives back together’ and it is our hope that funds raised will indeed help to put lives back together in the Bahamas. We have set up an account at the Bermuda Credit Union Co-op Society specifically to collect donations and we are imploring our members to make deposits to this account, no matter how big or small. The Credit Union account number is 9693.

“For further information, members can contact Sister LaVerne Furbert at or at 292-0044.”

Hurricaine Relief Fund Bermuda Sept 2019

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  1. Things a Gwan says:

    I would think that the BIU would donate the union dues for a month from all members to the relief effort instead of asking the workers to pay out even more.

    After all member pay dues every month but can anyone remember the last time that the union agreed to reimbursing members for lost wages when called upon to support other union members fights or causes. I certainly don’t.

    So if you are taking money in and not paying out….just make a donating on the memberships behalf.many of thg instead of asking them to pay out more. My cousin is struggling enough.

    • Missing $800M says:

      That is a great idea and it would be so easy. Sister LaVerne didn’t think of that I guess or maybe she did but BIU have too many expenses of their own?

    • CHRIS says:

      where are the financials?

    • Do you know that de Chamber of Commerce is a Union too, Union dues is for benefits, so if they stop paying Union dues do they still get their benefits.

  2. Great idea, B.I.U.
    Not one work of sympathy from the O.B.A.
    Obviously, all of their members are above helping and feeling empathy for mankind!!!
    Bermudians, when NEXT you go to the polls, DO NOT X any candidate for the COLDHEARTED O.B.A.
    This current behaviour is a clear indication of their sentiment for Bahamians and BORN BERMUDIANS!!!!

    • bluenose says:

      How do you know that ‘all of their members’ are not helping and have no empathy in this respect? It must really be miserable to spend your life full of such bitterness and hate. I pity you.

    • Same way how Trump and de Tea Party treat Black and Brown People.

  3. United We Stand.