Video: Mother Appeals For End To Violence

September 17, 2019

Bermudian Keishaye Steede, whose 17-year-old son Lyrico was stabbed to death in the English city of Nottingham in 2017, is lending her voice to a national campaign aimed at reducing knife violence in the UK.

The video was released as part of Operation Sceptre, the week-long coordinated initiative designed to help get knives and blades out of circulation in Britain.

Keishaye Steede’s appeal to live positive knife-free lives

Targeted specifically at Nottingham residents, Ms Steede says in the video: “It is people who kill people and if they have any problems with something that’s going on or they feel unsafe, they need to talk to somebody, because ending a life or getting in trouble for carrying a knife or gun or whatever, could really destroy your life, forever.”

Five teenagers were convicted for their roles in the knife attack which killed Lyrico Steede in 2017.

Added Ms Steede in the video: “I would just say to get your education, stop listening to all that ‘trap music’, stop writing music that is ‘dissing’ each other and try to be more positive. A positive life is a happy life.”

During Operation Sceptre, people are being encouraged to drop off their unwanted knives at amnesty bins set up at police stations, partner agencies and community building throughout the UK without fear of arrest or prosecution..

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