100WF Holds Final 2019 Education Series Event

November 29, 2019

Bermuda’s 100 Women in Finance [100WF] recently held an educational event with the topic ‘Women Leaders Learning to Create a Meaningful Legacy.’

A spokesperson said, “Community members gathered in Hamilton last week to meet some of Bermuda’s forward-thinkers in philanthropy and to hear how organisations and individuals alike can give meaningfully and effectively. Sponsored and hosted by Orbis, the event featured as a finale for 100 Women in Finance’s 2019 Education Series in Bermuda.

“The discussion was led by Robin Mayor, lawyer and insolvency expert; Pauline Richards, accountant and board member; Dr. Myra Virgil, social policy analyst and grant-making professional; and Amanda Outerbridge, communications professional and journalist, who moderated the session, all of whom in additional to their careers and drawing from their diverse backgrounds, are entrenched in the art of philanthropy and charitable giving.”

Alison Morrison, Managing Director & Founder of Bermuda Compliance Consultants and Chair of the 100 Women in Finance Committee in Bermuda; Pauline Richards, Amanda Outerbridge, Dr. Myra Virgil, Robin Mayor, and Erin Williams:

100WF Philanthropy Panel Bermuda Nov 2019

“The group led active discussion around the challenges non-profit organisations face in Bermuda and how the philanthropic landscape has changed to meet the needs of the island, sharing details on their own charitable and philanthropic contributions. Attendees were encouraged to consider ways they can contribute to the community in making an impact outside the board room and within society.

“There was broad agreement amongst the panelists that whilst there are more philanthropic organisations in Bermuda than ever before, conversely there are fewer funds available for charitable giving, placing emphasis on the need for strategic planning for both donors and not-for-profits when investing in our communities.

“Attendees were challenged to consider the ways that they give back to the community and how this will change throughout their lives based on available time and financial resources. Each individual’s life cycle of philanthropy may look different but as a collective, doing what you can will leave Bermuda in a better place.”

Alison Morrison, Managing Director & Founder of Bermuda Compliance Consultants and Chair of the 100 Women in Finance Committee in Bermuda, said, “This final educational event of our year was a perfect way to end 2019 and we are very grateful to the support and sponsorship of Orbis who hosted three events this year. We were very fortunate to have another all female panel whose commitment to philanthropy was evident throughout the evening and we thank them for sharing their wisdom and experience with all of us.

“We are looking forward to a full schedule of 100WF events in 2020 and are delighted to announce that Bank of Butterfield will be providing sponsorship for three educational events.

“I would personally like to thank all of the 100 Women in Finance Executive Committee members for all their hard work and dedication this year for ensuring 100WF members continue to receive opportunities to develop their own personal networks whilst enjoying our varied educational events.”

Erin Williams, Investment Counsellor with Orbis Investments and the 2019 100 Women in Finance Education Chair in Bermuda, said, “I am honored that Bermuda’s final 100 Women in Finance event of the year paid a fitting tribute to the passing of Orbis’ founder, Allan Gray, a man who had an immeasurable impact on many lives as an entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist.

“Mr. Gray saw philanthropy as a natural extension of the impact that the investment business aims to make in people’s lives, spending considerable focus and energy later in his career on philanthropic endeavours. This event was a wonderful reminder that each one of us can make a difference and just how one may start to give, whether through donating one’s time or contributing financially, in a more meaningful way.”

The spokesperson said, “Bermuda’s 100 Women in Finance Education Series will return in Q1 2020. To learn more about the benefits of membership or to become a member of the 100 Women in Finance community, please visit the website to register here.

“Stay up to date on all 100 Women in Finance events via our website.”

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