Fattire Massive Mountain Bike Race Results

November 18, 2019

The Bermuda Bicycle Association’s Fattire Massive Mountain Bike season got underway at the Arboretum.

Dominique Mahyo and Nicole Mitchell are the Open 60 Minute Champions, while Clive Langley and Kayla Raymond are the Open 30 Minute Champions.

During the Male Open 60 Minute race, Mahyo clocked 13 lap time of 1:01:26.135, Alexander Miller finished a lap down with a time of 1:00:39.694, and Alan Potts was third clocking 1:01:12.068.

Mitchell clocked a 10 lap Open 60 Minute winning time of 1:02:11.998, and Caitlin Conyers was second with a time of 1:06:43.602.

Langley clocked a 6 lap Open 30 Minute winning time of 34:04.131, Raphael Brunorio was second in 34:42.558, and Conner Burns was third in 31:51.413.

During the Female Open 30 Minute race, Raymond clocked a 5 lap winning time of 34:29.089, Caroline Wright was second in a time of 35:13.240, and Zoe Hasselkuss was third with a 4 lap time of 30:54.152.

The full 2019 Fattire Massive Mountain Bike results follow below [PDF here]

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