Health Council Release 2018/19 Annual Report

November 7, 2019

The Health Council released its 2018 – 2019 Annual Report “highlighting collaborations with stakeholders and the commitment of the Health Council to ensure a sustainable health system where each resident has an opportunity to embrace effective health principles.”

A spokesperson said, “Our key accomplishments for the 2018-2019 include:

  • “Relaunching the voluntary registration as the Provider Advantage Programme to provide residents with information about the healthcare choices available to them.
  • “Enhancing health system partnerships with other jurisdictions by remaining innovative through health technology assessments and being accepted into the Health Technology Assessment Network of the Americas [RedETSA, Red de Evaluación de Tecnologías en Salud de las Américas to ensure equitable access to clinical care.
  • “Promoting value and understanding of Bermuda’s health system by implementing video content with weekly SnapFact videos.
  • “Providing health system information by adding an easy-to-use chat feature on the Health Council website [] to enhance public engagement and to provide another option for submitting health system complaints and queries.
  • “Coordinating quarterly meetings with 19 Standard Health Benefit providers to share best practices and to learn about health system changes.
  • “Facilitating an online feedback survey completed by over 500 residents of Bermuda to assess views on Bermuda’s health system and gaps seen by stakeholders.

Dr. Ricky Brathwaite, Acting CEO / Director, Health Economics, said: “Our Annual Report provides a glimpse into our projects. Hopefully through our interactions with you, we are doing more than providing glimpses in reports, but actually seen as being truly engaged with the triumphs and challenges that our communities face on a daily basis.

“The Council has an important role to play in our health system and every day we are learning more about how best to conduct that role. Thank you Bermuda for entrusting us with your concerns, desires, applications, and data. As the work continues, we are dedicated to be transparent and honest in our approach, and progressive in the ways that we push for improvements in the public’s health.”

The full 2018-19 Bermuda Health Council Annual Report follows below [PDF here]

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