BPS Urge Kite Flyers To Be Vigilant About Safety

December 2, 2019

Police are warning the public that kite-flying in public areas “should be conducted safely” after a 16-year-old rider sustained lacerations after coming into contact with a kite string last week.

A police spokesperson said, “In light of the incident last Thursday evening [November 28th] where a 16-year-old male scooter rider sustained lacerations to his neck from a kite string, those that fly kites in public places are reminded that their pastime should be conducted safely and without excess noise, in accordance with the law.

“Members of the public that fly kites are also requested to be mindful of the time of day that they take part in such activity.

“To reiterate, Section 18 [a] of the Summary Offences Act 1926 makes it an offence for any person to fly a kite over a public place “to the annoyance or danger of any passenger or frequenter.”

“The Bermuda Police Service wishes to make it clear that we would rather not use law enforcement resources to tackle this issue – as we respect the long standing Bermudian tradition of kite flying and are aware that some enthusiasts fly their kites all year round.

“Therefore, we appeal for a common sense approach and urge kite flyers to be vigilant regarding public safety, as well as considerate of their neighbours regarding excess noise and the times that kites are flown.”

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  1. Wahoo says:

    My tradition is to fly my kite on and around the Easter holiday. It seems to only be in the last couple years that a small group scattered around the island have started this all year BS.

  2. Retrieve your Kites says:

    This happened to me years ago, and I warned the police of this very danger going unaddressed in our island. I showed them my wound on my throat. I was driving and a plastic kite string was tight across the road due to a downed kite, it couldnt be seen as I approached it and it sliced into my throat like an electric power saw. I could smell my flesh burning and feel it slicing into my throat above my jugular as I desperately tried to screech to a dead stop. The fear that I could have my throat slashed right open and watch myself die or get beheaded was terrifying. I had blood pouring out and was traumatized after. Warning to all. Retrieve your downed kits and get off your lazy behinds. It should be a crime or a fine.