BEDC “Eat, Shop, Play” Initiative Concludes

February 6, 2020

The Bermuda Economic Development Corporation’s “Eat, Shop, Play” Initiative, which aimed to increase economic activity within BEDC’s three Economic Empowerment Zones [EEZ’s] – Somerset, North East Hamilton, and St. George’s has successfully concluded.

A spokesperson said, “Over the past holiday season, Ray Lambert, Director of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises [MSME] at the Bermuda Economic Development Corporation [BEDC] and his team set out to increase economic activity within BEDC’s three Economic Empowerment Zones [EEZ’s] – Somerset, North East Hamilton and St. George’s.

“Originally testing a shop to win draw in St. George’s with cruise ship passengers, the MSME team decided to build off of its success and implement the draw on a much larger scale. Thus, the Christmas ‘Eat, Shop, Play’ Shop to Win Initiative was executed.

David & Susan Mutch [Winners], Ondreyah Rochester [BEDC], Donte Hunt [BEDC], Erica Smith [BEDC], Dennis Carter [BEDC], Shanette Robinson & Daughter [Winners], Ray Lambert [BEDC]

BEDC Eat Shop Play Bermuda Feb 2020

“Starting in November through Christmas Eve, members of the public were encouraged to eat, shop and play in any of the EEZs for a chance to be entered into a shop to win draw.

“Anyone that spent $20 or more in any participating restaurant or store within the Economic Empowerment Zones were entered into a draw for a chance to win a $500, $300 or $200 Gift Voucher to their favourite participating restaurant or store in the EEZs.”

“The purpose of the exercise was to encourage members of the public to expand their idea of where to spend their dollars during the holiday season. While there are great stores and restaurants in the city centre of Hamilton, there are also great locations outside of those areas too,” says Donte Hunt, BEDC Micro, Small & Medium Enterprise [MSME] Officer in charge of the North East Hamilton EEZ.

During the course of the 24-day initiative, over 4,000 vouchers were submitted, shoppers spent a total of $259,554 within Somerset, North East Hamilton and St. Georges, and more than 80 businesses participated.

“Very happy with the results,” Ray Lambert states. “Overall, I was very pleased with this initiative. It not only incentivized customers to shop in the zones, but provided an opportunity for our officers to engage with the shop owners and get hard data on sales. The initiative was a win, win for all involved. I appreciate all the support from the participating businesses and public at large.”

Ondreyah Rochester, Junior MSME Officer that oversees the Somerset area had this to say, “Our goal was to get people to consider these different spaces that often get overlooked and I believe we achieved that goal. Our aim to is encourage the public to share the love, share the spend and hopefully reignite business in some of these areas.”

“The Shop to Win Draw seemed to be an idea that excited consumers as well. “I was really surprised! I never win anything and so I am very grateful to BEDC! Great initiative to get people shopping in the area. Thank you!!” states Kyran Simmons [Grand Prize Winner] in the North East Hamilton EEZ.

Shalynn Smith, 1st Prize Winner in the Somerset EEZ added “I think that this programme was right on time. It helps the stores and customers to stay faithful to small businesses in the area.”

Dennis Carter, Junior MSME Officer in charge of St. George’s said, “The Christmas ‘Eat, Shop, Play’ Shop to Win Draw, has been a truly successful campaign. By participating in this initiative, members of the public really had the opportunity to explore new spaces and get to know them too. It was great for the zones, great for the businesses and fun for the shoppers too. Everyone was happy.”

The BEDC noted, “There were three winners in each of the Economic Empowerment Zones. In Somerset, the winners were, Tiffany Douglas, grand prize winner, Shaylnn Smith, 1st prize winner and Whitney & Laverne Tucker were the 2nd prize winners.

“In North East Hamilton, Kyran Simmons won the $500 voucher grand prize, Colin Bean won the $300 voucher and Gloria Smith was the winner of the $200 voucher. In St. George’s, the following customers won the luck of the draw; Shanette Robinson, [grand prize winner], Julie Harrington [1st prize winner], and Susan Mutch [3rd prize winner]. All winning cash vouchers could be spent at one or multiple participating locations within a single EEZ.

“BEDC is constantly working towards developing the three Economic Empowerment Zones. Excited about the success of the Christmas Shop to Win Draw, the BEDC looks forward to continuing to develop more initiatives like it that work to promote business within Somerset, North East Hamilton and St. George’s. For more information about the ‘Eat, Shop, Play’ Shop to Win Draw, please visit”

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