Bermuda eKarts Offering Electric Kart Rentals

February 10, 2020 | 0 Comments

Bermuda eKarts is open for business, providing rental of electric karts, with private rentals available and public events to take place in 2020.

The karts, powered by Segway, have preset speed levels of up to 15 MPH and are available for ages 8 and up, accommodating those up to 220 pounds.

Ellissa Lambert said, “Bermuda eKarts is a new go kart rental experience. I have operated briefly at Destination Dockyard in August 2019 with WEDCO and Pink Sand Entertainment.”

eKarts  Bermuda Feb 9 2020

“I have a couple of public events already lined up for 2020, so look out for those, and hope to increase in popularity in the near future. I’ll also be available for private event rentals, only on smoothly paved surfaces for the best driving results.”

eKarts  Bermuda Feb 9 2020

“The go karts are electric, powered by Segway, hence the ‘e’ in eKarts. They can be preset to travel at various speeds up to 15 MPH, depending on the age of the driver.”

For more information on public and private event pricing, email

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