O’Brien Appointed: Organizational Development

February 17, 2020

Carlita O'Brien  Bermuda February 17 2020

Head of the Public Service Dr. Derrick Binns announced the appointment of Mrs. Carlita O’Brien to the post of Chief Employee and Organizational Development Officer for the newly-created Department of Employee and Organizational Development [DEOD].

Mrs. O’Brien will assume the responsibilities of the post on 9 March 2020.

“Mrs. O’Brien joined the Public Service in July 1997, and has held the position of Director of Human Resources in the Department of Human Resources since January 2006,” a spokesperson said.

“She possesses a Master of Arts Degree in Personnel Management and has achieved the professional designation of Chartered Fellow with the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development [FCIPD].  She is a professional member of the Society for Human Resource Management and the Bermuda Human Resource Association.

“Mrs. O’Brien has successfully chaired union negotiations on behalf of the Government and leads a team of HR practitioners in developing and implementing innovative Human Resources services. She is the Secretary to the Public Service Commission and Secretary to the Public Service Superannuation Board.  She is also the Chair of the Joint Grading Panel which reviews and sets the pay scales for Government employees.”

Dr. Binns stated, “I am pleased to formally recognize the appointment of Mrs. Carlita O’Brien to this new role in the Public Service. The evolution of the Department of Human Resources is incorporated in the Government Reform process as part of the People Project.

“Changes have already started. The Management Consulting Services section and the Compensation and Benefits section have already moved to the new department. Over the next 18 – 24 months, human resource staff from the various departments and units will be moved into the new structure.

“Therefore, each person, whose post is impacted, will become a member of the newly-formed department, with no job losses. These changes will increase efficiency and eliminate duplication throughout the Public Service.

“Mrs. O’Brien is committed to transforming the Public Service’s human resource function and has played an integral role in her capacity as Director by originating the initiative to centralize the human resources functions.  She was an essential part of the team that developed and will implement the new HR operational model.”

Dr. Binns concluded, “On behalf of Public Service, I extend congratulations to Mrs. O’Brien. With her appointment, as head of the Department of Employee and Organizational Development, the implementation of a modern human resources operating model will serve the organization’s business needs as we move closer to our vision of a future-forward Government for the people of Bermuda.”

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  1. WillSee says:

    May someone inform the public what the Department of employee and organizational developement is and what purpose does it serve the taxpayer and public?

  2. che says:

    Saying this will eliminate duplication is nice – but if no jobs will be realigned (with the associated cost benefits), what’s the benefit to taxpayers?

  3. CHRIS says:

    another governement department?!!! Department of Employee and Organizational Development [DEOD]? Give me a break! how about putting the cost of all this nonsense to the schools! 25 / 11 this is what you voted for.

  4. Wow says:

    Congrats to the officer who has the job . How much is this costing Govt when there is no money? What the heck is going on? Was a Dept closed and the money is being used for this Dept. It is hard to read the goals of the PLP or do we see them clear….no debt reduction. They are pushing themselves out of office.