Berkeley Students Win Awards Overseas

March 5, 2020

Berkeley students had great success while attending an overseas virtual business trade show promoting their business Leisure in The Triangle [LiTT], claiming multiple awards at the event.

Six Berkeley institute pupils enrolled in the Virtual Enterprise International Program brought home numerous awards while attending an overseas business competition in January.

The Virtual Enterprise International [VEI] programme started in 2016. The program which brings the workplace into the classroom allows students to run their own simulated virtual business over the course of the school year. The company has departments and positions which you typically would find within a business, from executives all the way down to associates.

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The group of students must come up with a virtual product or service which they must be able to sell and turn a profit. With guidance from mentors and an in-school facilitator the students are not in this alone.

The Berkeley business, Leisure in The Triangle, is a online e-commerce website that specialises in Bermuda inspired merchandise and clothing all hand crafted by local artisans and creators.

The group of six was recognised with silver awards for the Best Website and HR Manual as well as a Gold award in Best Booth Design.

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Andreaz Glasgow, the chief executive of Leisure in The Triangle, said the event provided a real-world experience.

The 16-year-old said, “It gave me and my colleagues a view of how real businesses operate and run. Being there, you get to interact with so many new people both in and out of the program.

“It was truly an amazing experience, it allows us to get constructive feedback not only about the business but about ourselves and how we can improve to become better global citizens.”

Patrina O’Connor and Quincy Paynter accompanied the students on their overseas educational endeavor and were blown away by how the students displayed themselves and their island home of Bermuda.

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Berkeley pupils Andreaz Glasgow, Jair Eve, Jasmine Simons, Destani Warner, Robert Thomas and Aaliyah Lee attended the event.

Nick Chapman, the president of Virtual Enterprises International, said that it was the fourth year that pupils had participated in the programme.

He added: “These were the only international students participating in the Long Island event.”

The students of Leisure in The Triangle said they would like to thank the community and its partners in advance for the amazing opportunity presented to them. In addition, they would like everyone to stay tuned for future updates.

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“The students will be holding a Mini Tradeshow at The Berkeley Institute on March 17, 2020 from 5-7 pm. People from the community will be able to come and hear from the students as well as get the opportunity to purchase the students’ products. Persons will be able to purchase virtual dollars to use at the students booths,” a spokesperson said.

“The students are also asking anyone who may want to support to check out their donation page on or our HSBC account. Anyone who may be interested in contributing to the program, outside of our external links and account should email or call 441-292-4752 ext: 5011.”

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