Covid-19: Family Centre Open, Enacts Protocols

March 18, 2020

Family Centre said will remain open in order to provide “safe, responsible, therapeutic care to its clients,” and have enacted a number of protocols to assist in health and safety.

A spokesperson said, “As the coronavirus [Covid-19] situation continues to unfold, Family Centre wishes to assure the community that we are taking every precaution to safeguard our clients, staff and partners. Our primary concern is our community’s safety and ability to support our children and families during this challenging time.

“We plan to continue supporting clients and engaging with community partners over the next few weeks. At this point in time, Family Centre will remain open, providing safe, responsible, therapeutic care for as long as possible.

“We have the following protocols in place to ensure the safety of everyone interacting with us:

  • “While we remain open, everyone, without exception, who enters our building must sanitize their hands upon entry, either with hand sanitizer or soap and water. Sanitizing wipes are available to disinfect surfaces. In addition to the daily building cleaning protocol, stair rails and doorknobs are sanitized each day.
  • “Staff, clients and guests are reminded to refrain from touching their face, eyes, and mouth to prevent germ transmission, and if not feeling well, they must contact their personal physician for instructions. Family Centre requires that individuals refrain from coming into the office until they have contacted the relevant health professionals for assessment and clearance.
  • “We practice social distancing by maintaining at least three feet of space from each other, which means no hugs, handshakes, or any other gesture that requires bodily contact.
  • “When necessary, Family Centre will work via remote access using various platforms, e.g. Skype, FaceTime and WhatsApp video call, in compliance with established social distancing safety protocol.
  • “Business travel for staff has been suspended. We are encouraging staff and partners to adhere to the global recommendation to cancel non-essential travel, especially in light of the Bermuda Government’s recently mandated 14-day self-quarantine for returning travelers.
  • “Our reception desk has a list of programme cancellations and changes. You are encouraged to contact us at 232-1116 to confirm any changes that may affect your service, or activity.
  • “Additional plans are being made for remote working capability for all staff in the event of escalating requirements to restrict attendance in the office.

“A few healthy tips from our staff for families during this challenging time:

  • “Continue with healthy activities that do not compromise social distancing, such as enjoy the outdoors and exercise, eat healthy foods; play family board games, more quality family time, less social media; laugh often
  • “Get the support of mental health professionals as needed
  • “Connect with friends and loved ones online
  • “Participate in online events, including church services
  • “Help those who are in quarantine by calling and checking on them and their families
  • “Contact us for existing local resources that may be of help at this time
  • “Remain mindful of each other’s needs

“Thank you to our staff who are hard at work, ensuring clients are connected to resources and have the emotional support they need to remain well.

“Family Centre will continue to do everything within our power not to interrupt delivery of critical client services.

“Remember it is the little things that are important and how we take care of each other at this time.”

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