Cannonier: “We Must All Help Each Other”

March 16, 2020

OBA Leader Craig Cannonier has offered a message on the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, saying “I have faith that Bermuda will pull through this, but we have to work through this together.”

Mr. Cannonier said, “As a grandfather, a father, a husband and a brother, when I think about Bermuda, like you I am concerned, I am concerned about what will happen to us.

“Looking at other countries, it is clear that many people will be affected. We must be responsible for one another, we must practice things like social distancing – which must happen – and we must show the true Bermudian community spirit and look after one another.

“I am appealing to you, Bermuda. It is time to make adjustments to your way of living and behaving. You have been forewarned, you have had notices, you have seen what has happened in other parts of the world. We must work through this together.

“Bermuda will get through the Covid-19 crisis if we work together and act now. We have been forewarned by the experiences of the rest of the world. Now be forearmed.

“Bermuda people have demonstrated resolve, calm preparedness and neighbourly care on numerous occasions as we have faced the wrath of hurricanes. Now we need to use our strengths as we prepare as a nation to protect ourselves, families and neighbours against Covid-19.

“In this spirit, I am working closely with the Premier and Finance Minister on measures necessary to protect Bermuda. I’m encouraged with the Government’s most recent actions.

“However, it is clear that more direction is needed, and it is needed now. There need to be stricter guidelines on public and private gatherings, the postponing sporting and community events and immediate action for Government officers to work remotely.

“These are all measures that can be implemented immediately. Their delay will cost Bermuda. Their implementation now will benefit us all as we navigate this crisis.

“Bermuda, we will get through this and we will emerge stronger and better.”

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