Premier: Will Be Able To Get Alcohol, Beer, Wine

April 16, 2020

“My job isn’t to make everyone’s lives miserable, it’s to keep everyone safe,” Premier David Burt said, adding that “your alcohol & nicotine supply lines are secure.”

Noting that he himself likes a drink “every now and then,” the Premier added that “you will be able to get your alcohol, beer, and wine.”

Premier Burt tweeted, saying, “Good Afternoon. my day has been spent increasing Bermuda’s Covid-19 testing capacity. Those who know me well, know I like a drink every now & then. You do not have to run out to clear the shelves at the liquor store. As I stated yesterday we will be allowing restocking of these items.

“Alcohol supply was not open during this shelter in place, as we wanted to keep people home. Now that we’re extending it for 2 weeks we are going to have to make adjustments. Alchohol, laundromats, hardware and other items to ensure that the next 2 weeks are bearable.

“So next week, you will be able to get your alcohol, beer, and wine. My job isn’t to make everyone’s lives miserable, it’s to keep everyone safe! We will amend the regulations that make sense.

” Long story short, your alcohol & nicotine supply lines are secure. Premier isn’t cutting off his own swizzle supply.”

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  1. ella says:

    Thank you Premier Burt – You had me worried there for a sec!

    • wahoo says:

      Man that was a close one! Now if I could just get out on my boat….

      • Heya says:

        He made a dictatorial decision which was met by the PLP being bombarded with complains. Genuine negative side effects. Ultimately he should have been intelligent enough to recognize consequences and not cause yet another public panic. Burt is out of his depth. Way out of his depth. So it the Health Minister.

        I guarantee we will not be going back to normal in another two weeks.

        • Sonia BDA says:

          Heya, whoever you are, Bermuda’s Premier Burt and Government ,which includes the opposite OBA party and the British appointed Governor, have been doing a better job than USA Trump administration, I appreciate the regular updates and analysis. Let’s all stay safe.

  2. Recovery on the Rock says:

    This is an important clarification for our community members with a dependency on alcohol and tobacco.

    Fear of missing out on our steady supply of alcohol and tobacco during COVID 19 creates anxiety, panic buying and possibly hoarding.

    Missing out leads to all kind of serious issues related to detox from alcohol and withdrawal from tobacco with potential acts of desperation.

    With our Inpatient Detox Unit closed during COVID 19 clear communications is important.

  3. Retro says:

    Lol ! I think a new voting bloc has found their voice. Power to the drinkers ! And smokers

  4. sage says:

    What about cannabis, the safer alternative?

    • Mike Hind says:

      What about it? Have you done anything substantive to try to get it legalized yet?

      • sage says:

        Quite a lot actually thanks, that is why within weeks government went from proposing medical only to include home grows and recreational use, the work isn’t over yet though. In the meantime they can repeal the laws.

        • Mike Hind says:

          You are singlehandedly responsible for that? Well done…
          Shame we can’t verify that…

      • Nope says:

        Definitely not going to support you on PTix what a joke!

        • Mike Hind says:

          It would also mean you’d have to take off your hood of anonymity, something you’d never do, right?
          You prefer to attack while hiding like a coward, don’t you?

  5. Taxman says:

    I’ve seen a lot of coverage on this topic, but not one person has pointed out why they’re actually changing tune…

    This is a simple question of taxes. Since gov’t revenue will be way down this year and spending way up, they n eed to do anything they can to keep the remaining tax revenue flowing.

    I don’t have the numbers in front of me, but the sin taxes on alcohol and tobacco must be some of if not the highest rates in the country. Cutting off this revenue stream would be a disaster.

    But nice to see it spun as some sort of compassionate compromise…

  6. Vote for Me says:

    Is it correct that smoking increases your susceptibility to
    Covid 19?

  7. Heya says:

    Burt once again shows he is not up to the job. Flapping away on Twitter, causing panic amongst a population. This U turn spun politically to get traction. Talk about self serving,

    This virus is not going away in the world. Even If we open up in September it will only take one Bermudian on a shopping trip to bring it back and we are back at square one. How long is it going to take people to realize that this shelter in place is merely delaying the inevitable.

    Private companies are funding ventilators for the hospital, because having capacity at the hospital to cope with the inevitable is what is required. Burt and Wilson are clueless.

    As soon as capacity is created, we should return to normal as this shelter in place is not sustainable.

  8. PANGAEA says:

    Social distancing and masks is all we appear have .
    Why are we not required to stand 10 ft apart including wearing a face mask?
    We are skating on thin ice or playing Russian Roulette sanding at 6 ft apart.