Wells: ‘Bermuda Will Always Be Home For Me’

April 26, 2020

Bermudian footballer Nahki Wells recently took over the Bristol City Football Club Twitter account in order to answer questions from fans, with the striker noting that Bermuda “will always be home for me.”

In answering a question about Bermuda, Wells said, “I think the last time I was in Bermuda was October or November for an international match we had, and we played against Mexico. Usually you get to go back when we do have home fixtures in Bermuda, which is always great.

Video courtesy of Bristol City:

“What I miss most is everything of course; the place, the weather, but more importantly my people and my family, obviously. Bermuda’s home for me, and it holds a special place in my heart.

“I lived there for 20 odd years, and all my family is still there, so I miss everything about the place and that will always be home for me.”

The Bermudian footballer also answered a number of other questions from fans such as is a hot dog a sandwich [he said no], does pineapple belong on pizza [he said yes] and does he have pets [yes, he has a dog and cat].

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  1. Nahki, it is great to see your face. We here in BERMUDA want for you and your admirable, wonderful family to remain safe in England.