Bicycle Association Hold Zwift Virtual Race

May 10, 2020

The Bermuda Bicycle Association held a Zwift Virtual Race, the DIRT Daturday Chase Race.

Fifteen competitors in four different divisions competed, the D Division riders would have no time added, the C Division riders had 5 minutes added, while the B Division riders had 8 minutes added and the A Division riders had 9 minutes added to their time.

Simon Hanrahan in the B Division had the fastest time of 44:53, but with a corrected time of 52:55 saw Hanrahan finish 6th, Liam Flannery in the A Division clocked the second fastest time of 44:44, the corrected time put Flannery in 10th with a time of 53:44.

Dirk Hasselkuss declared the winner competing in the D Division with a time of 51:52, another D Division rider Richard Bruton was second in 51:55 and Kris Hedges competing in the C Division was third overall in a time of 52:02.

DIRT Daturday Chase Race Corrected Time Results

  • 51:52 Dirk Hasselkuss
  • 51:55 Richard Bruton
  • 52:02 Kris Hedges
  • 52:40 Charles Swart
  • 52:52 John Thompson
  • 52:55 Simon Hanrahan
  • 53:09 Dennis Fagundo
  • 53:10 Mark Booth
  • 53:29 Trevor Hedges
  • 53:44 Liam Flannery
  • 53:58 Charles Thresh
  • 54:45 Zoey Roberts
  • 54:47 Sarah Hicks
  • 56:25 Peter Dunne
  • 56:26 Terry Thomas

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