BTA Invite Retailers To Register For Promotion

June 23, 2020

The Bermuda Tourism Authority [BTA] is inviting Bermuda retailers to participate in a month-long promotion “designed to stimulate spending.”

The BTA said, “Independent retailers in Bermuda are invited to participate in a special month-long promotion designed to stimulate spending. Throughout July, local and overseas consumers will be encouraged to #ChooseBDA and shop, in-store and online, at small businesses across the island. Items made in Bermuda or Bermuda-inspired will be of particular focus.

“The Bermuda Tourism Authority [BTA] is coordinating the campaign as part of a National Tourism Plan initiative to elevate Bermuda brands and help our stakeholders stay sustainable and competitive. If you’re an independent retailer and part of your consumer base comes from tourism, you can register to be part of this promotion using an online Participation Form before noon Thursday, June 25.

“Independent Retailer Month, like similar campaigns across North America, is part of a series of special promotions the BTA is activating in coming weeks to rally our community and support local businesses and jobs as the island prepares for air visitors to return.

“The Bermuda government has announced the island will resume international commercial air service for visitors starting July 1, as part of a fourth phase of economic reopening.

“The BTA is working to encourage the return of consumers looking to travel here again. And while the island experiences a gradual resumption of flights and visitors, we’re also supporting our stakeholders by encouraging residents to participate in campaigns to boost our economy. Join us!

“Have questions? Please contact Janee Pitt at”

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  1. aceboy says:

    Yea, basically the BTA wants everyone to drop their prices and earn nothing. Then they will take all the credit for stimulating the economy. No thanks.

  2. sage says:

    De-fund the BTA.

  3. hanky panky says:

    erm – shouldn’t you be focusing 100 percent on getting more people here as soon as possible, working with hotels on their marketing and special packages?
    Not sure why the BTA is involved in a campaign to get locals to spend in bermuda? Isn’t that the Chamber’s job as well as Government’s?

    • MB says:

      @Hankypanky Um yes! Would rather BTA was focused on filling the few flights we have so we can get more as opposed getting locals to spend money they don’t have
      Remember all- u don’t have an obligation to stimulate the economy.
      Bta should be worrying about innovative campaigns to promote Bermuda to the max right now

    • Eve says:

      The BTA has been concentrating on promoting their image to locals for more than a year. With rapidly declining air visitor numbers BTA needed campaigns too keep their image alive and in front of the public. After AC it didn’t take the hotels very long to realize BTA was wasn’t the ‘silver bullet’ that Hanbury and others promised.