Police Recover Imitation Firearm On Union Street

June 22, 2020

Police recovered an imitation firearm in the Union Street area after a male who was “acting suspiciously” was seen to place an object in a trash receptacle.

A police spokesperson said, “At around 10:20 pm on Sunday 21st, June, police received information of a male acting suspiciously in the area of Union Street in the City of Hamilton.

“Reports are the suspect was seen to have placed an object inside a trash receptacle located on the sidewalk.

“Officers responded and upon inspecting the trash can which belongs to the Corporation of Hamilton, they recovered an imitation firearm.”

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  1. Colion says:

    Imitation Firearm aka toy gun.

    • Micro says:

      Or item made to look like a gun. Carved piece of material, some pipes glued together, painted nerf or water gun.