Police Seize Cannabis Worth $7.5 Million

June 4, 2020

Police “seized a large quantity of cannabis that had been imported into Bermuda, with an estimated street value $7.5 million” and two people were apprehended and later released on bail.

Detective Superintendent Nicholas Pedro said, “On 13th May, 2020, the Bermuda Police Drugs Unit, working closely with our partners in the Customs Department, seized a large quantity of cannabis that had been imported into Bermuda, with an estimated street value $7.5 million.

“Two persons have been apprehended and, after initial inquiries, were later released on bail while investigations are being progressed.

“Whilst we are aware of the legislative agenda towards decriminalization of cannabis, we must emphasize that importation of cannabis remains illegal.

“Cannabis imported via this method is coordinated by persons involved in organized crime, with close links to the gang and gun culture currently plaguing our community.

“We continue to be concerned with the higher THC content in recreational cannabis versus that in regulated jurisdictions, which studies suggest has a negative impact on multiple users.

“We take our responsibility for protecting the community seriously, and will continue to target organised crime groups that profit from the sale of illegal drugs, which ultimately harm our community.

The Drugs Unit is investigating this case and will release more information as the case progresses.”

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  1. Despot says:

    Great work BPS.

    Now please, please, please do something about the standard of driving!

  2. Kathy says:

    Came by courier???? Or by private boat drop off?

  3. Wow says:

    Great work BPS?! Lofl liquor is wayyyyy more harmful and we have it everywhere, but for some reason something that is proven to be medically helpful can’t even be sold legally to persons over 18. You waisting all this time on herb when sooner or later it’s going to be legal. And if not we will be left behind, beaches and swizzle only gonna take us so far. We need to speed up this legislation because they’d make millions here if it’s sold locally.