Chairman’s Award Ceremony On July 20

July 17, 2020

A ceremony will be held to present the Chairman’s Award to the Sanitation & Engineering Workers of the Corporation of St. Georges on Monday, July 20th.

A spokesperson said, “A prestigious ceremony has been organized to present The Chairman’s Award to the Sanitation & Engineering Workers of the Corporation of St. Georges.

“The Chairman’s Award is given to those companies and individuals who display extraordinary services to the community, including the companies and individuals whom they have served.

“St. Georges is a unique town with many of its structures dating back several years. The workers in St. Georges not only maintain one of the oldest towns in the Western Hemisphere, but also operate and maintain a recognized UNESC World Heritage Site.

“We are elated to be given the opportunity to recognize the outstanding community services that the Corporation and its staff in St. Georges extend to the community every day.

“In attendance of the event will be: The Honorable George Dowling III JP; The Mayor of St. Georges, Ms. Cindy Lee Foggo; The Towne Manager, Mr. Courtney Trott Jr JP; The Representative of the Towne of St. Georges, Mrs. Renee Ming JP MP; along with the staff of the Corporation.

“The Chairman’s Award was recently presented to the Bermuda Credit Union for its outstanding services to the members, citizen and residents within the Backatown & the entire North East Hamilton area.

“We look forward to you being a part of the ceremony in presenting this award: on Monday, July 20th at 9:30am. Location: St. George’s Towne Hall.

“For further information, please contact Ms. Anjula Bean at 517-6085 or”

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