Anthony Buckley Wins KBB Logo Design Contest

August 22, 2020

Bermuda College student Anthony Buckley has won the Keep Bermuda Beautiful [KBB] Adopt-a-Spot Logo Design Competition.

A spokesperson said, “Keep Bermuda Beautiful [KBB] announced that Anthony Buckley, a Bermuda College student from Smiths parish, has won the Adopt-a-Spot Logo Design Competition. His design received the most votes out of the six finalists as the public were encouraged to vote for their favourite on the KBB Facebook page before the deadline which took place on Friday.

“Anthony created his winning design by using elements of the existing green KBB tidy man logo and adding a popular Bermuda pink as the border. His new creation will be used specifically for the KBB Adopt-a-Spot program, while the familiar green logo will continue as the main KBB logo, as it has done since 1976.

Anthony Buckley - Design 3

“The competition attracted thirty unique designs from amateur and professional graphic designers. The KBB Board of Directors helped select the six top designs were posted to Facebook and the public were invited to vote for their favourite. In a close second place was a logo designed by professional designer Avarie Graham who works at Strata-G.”

Anne Hyde, Executive Director of KBB, added, “Our KBB volunteer summer intern Eryn Bhola got the idea from the Bermuda Olympic Association’s recent competition. Eryn pitched the idea as part of ways to boost the profile our Adopt-a-Spot program, formerly the RockWatchers program. The Adopt-a-Spot initiative encourages locals to adopt a park, beach, bus shelter or trail and periodically do cleanups in that location.

“We were thrilled to receive over thirty designs, each and every one was great, which made it very hard to shortlist the finalists. Then the fun began with the public voting and watching the scores change throughout the week. We are blown away by the talent and that so many people took time busy schedules to participate.

“We are also extremely grateful to The Reefs Hotel for donating a generous prize. Anthony Buckley has won a staycation for two nights at one of Bermuda’s treasured hotels. Congratulations to Anthony.”

KBB Adopt a Spot Program Bermuda Aug 2020

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  1. wahoo says:

    Well I have noticed a rise in blatant littering and so I have started calling people out when I witness it. Sometimes I get a vacant stare and sometimes I get “f’ed off” but I have never seen the perpetrator turn and pick up their trash. I fear that KBB have a long road ahead of them and I applaud them. Perhaps people collecting unemployment benefits could adopt a spot until things get better?

    • Toodle-oo says:

      On this island calling someone out (to their face) about littering , or even almost killing you due to their lawless behavior on the roads , can be very dangerous for your health and safety.
      Been there , done that .
      And don’t forget , one of the reasons it’s so bad is that there’s multi generations out there now who have been indoctrinated since they were children that it’s ok to litter as ‘it gives someone else a job’.
      I like the idea about people collecting unemployment benefits contributing but you know that there’s a greater chance of pigs flying than that happening .

      • wahoo says:

        Too bad you and I are the only ones commenting here. Good luck.