“We Have Now Been Able To Identify The Driver”

August 13, 2020

The police confirmed that they were able to “identify the driver of the vehicle which almost collided with a motorcycle rider on Cavendish Road.”

In an online post, the police said, “Thanks to the support of the public, we have now been able to identify the driver of the vehicle which almost collided with a motorcycle rider on Cavendish road at the junction with Hibiscus Drive, shortly after 2:30 pm on Monday of this week.”

Inspector Charlene Thompson, the Officer in Charge of the Roads Policing Unit, [RPU], stated: “The investigation into this matter is progressing apace, thanks in part to the assistance of members of the public, who provided us with information, after seeing the images of the near collision, and read our statement highlighting the dangers of such behaviour.”

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“We are now appealing for the rider in the video which was circulated, or anyone who may know who the rider is, to contact the investigating officer, PC 540 Ward, at 247-1504 or, e-mail policerpu@bps.bm

“I wish to reiterate that the RPU will robustly enforce the rules governing road use when needed. However, we would prefer to work with you, our community partners, through education and communication to ensure the safety and well-being of all road users”.

“To that end, the RPU yesterday during speed checks in the Devonshire area, helped motorists beat the heat and staying hydrated, by providing bottles of water to drivers and riders who kept within the designated speed limit.

Inspector Thompson added: “This is just one of a number of initiatives we have been considering as we look to reward safe drivers and not only take action against traffic offenders. Discussions are also taking place with a number of industry partners to come up with other methods of encouraging better and safer driving practices among road users.”

The police added, “Inspector Thompson and her team are seeking the assistance of the community with the planning and implementation of new initiatives. anyone interested can email policerpu@bps.bm

“The public is urged to use the same email address for sharing information, which might assist the Bermuda Police RPU, in curbing irresponsible driving behaviour on our roads.”

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  1. Noah James says:

    great, now haul that person’s @ss before the courts!

  2. Southampton says:

    Lock the driver up. Make the driver clean the roads.

  3. Onion Puke says:

    Ray Charles could have identified that idiot.