Road Safety Council Logo Design Competition

September 1, 2020 | 2 Comments

The Bermuda Road Safety Council [BRSC] will be hosting a Logo Design Competition to create a new logo.

A spokesperson said, “The council invites designers to create a unique localized logo to be used for all Bermuda Road Safety Council branding.

“The BRSC is looking to freshen up and also to localize its logo, to make it feel more Bermudian. Recently we have chosen a mascot, a turtle [pictured above] to be the face of road safety. We would like to see the new mascot incorporated in the logo.

Bermuda Road Safety Council Mascot Bermuda Sept 1 2020

“Everyone in Bermuda is connected in one way – we all use the roads of Bermuda and we want our roads to be safer for everyone on them. In this we want the logo to look and feel Bermudian, so that each one of us can feel proud when we see it.

“The competition is open to students from ages 11 and up [M1 to College Level]. College students must send a copy of their college ID.

“Please send all submissions to by September 14, 2020.

“Shortlisted entries will be chosen for a public vote and the winner who receives the most votes will be announced on September 25, 2020.”

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  1. Breck says:

    Designers: contests like these are unethical and undermine your profession. Other professionals don’t do the best job they can and then hope to get paid and win the contract, so why should you?

    To the BRSC: this isn’t how design works. You will only attract inexperienced designers and in the end you will get what you pay for. If you want to put a positive spin on this, hand-pick 5-10 designers based off their portfolio, reputation and/or recommendations that have proven themselves to a satisfactory level. Then pay those chosen at least a minimal fee to put the proper amount of work in, awarding the best solution to your design problem with a larger prize that rewards their skills and talent and know-how. This way, everyone involved wins, and no one walks away disappointed.

  2. sage says:

    Let me guess, you are a logo designer, the contest is for students mr.professional and your comment seems extremely arrogant. You don’t get to set the rules and it is entirely possible for one of the 11 year olds to create something equal to or even better than the “professionals”.

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