8 Videos: Bermuda Entrepreneurs Highlighted

September 28, 2020

Offering an inside look at a range of local businesses, MarketPlace’s Entrepreneur Spotlight video series has produced eight episodes, each highlighting a different island entrepreneur, and you can watch the full set below.

In the 8-episode video series, MarketPlace featured local businesses including Honest Greens, Bermuda Glass Candy, Pacheco & Sons Farm, YoCherry, Glam Pop, 9 Parishes, D&G Sherbert, and Monica’s Bakery.

Kumi Bradshaw & Honest Greens

Cami Bean-Caines & Bermuda Glass Candy

Roger Pacheco & Pacheco & Sons Farm

Carlos Francis & YoCherry

Wanneeka Saunders & Glam Pop

Rory Johns & 9 Parishes

Doyle Stocks & D&G Sherbert

Monica Arruda & Monica’s Bakery

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