OBA Announce New Leader & Shadow Cabinet

October 28, 2020 | 1 Comment

The OBA has confirmed that Cole Simons is their new Party Leader and also announced their Shadow Cabinet, adding that their Senate team “will be revealed shortly.”

This follows after the 2020 General Election, which saw the OBA maintain just 6 seats in the 36-seat House of Assembly.

A spokesperson said, “The One Bermuda Alliance is pleased to announce its Shadow Cabinet, as follows:

  • The Hon. L. Craig Cannonier JP MP – Shadow Minister for Works & Engineering & Tourism
  • Mr. Scott Pearman JP MP – Shadow Minister for Legal Affairs & Transport
  • Ms. Susan Jackson JP MP – Shadow Minister for Education, Social Development & Seniors
  • The Hon. Michael H Dunkley JP MP– Shadow Minister for National Security & Health
  • Mr. Jarion Richardson JP – Shadow Minister for Labour, Home Affairs & the Cabinet Office [Economic Development]
  • Mr. N.H. Cole Simons JP MP – Shadow Minister of Finance

“Each Shadow Minister will be ably supported by sub-committees, composed of members of the Party who are knowledgeable in each of these areas. The Chairs of the sub-committees have been chosen from the team of candidates who stood for the Party in the recent General Election. In preparation for resumption of the Legislature, the full Senate team will be revealed shortly.”

The OBA also stated, “The deadline for nominations for the OBA Leader was set at 5:00pm on Friday October 23. At that time N.H. Cole Simons JP MP, with the support of his fellow parliamentarians, the Party’s Executive, and its many members, was the sole member of the OBA Parliamentary Group to officially lodge his nomination form.

“Consequently, Mr. Simons was elected by acclamation as the OBA Leader, and official Leader of the Opposition, as prescribed under Bermuda’s Constitution.

“This process follows on after the official retirement of the Hon. Craig Cannonier JP MP from these roles following the recent General Election.

“The position of OBA Leader was open to any of the OBA members of parliament, and, and Mr. Simons was presented. He has the support of all of the MPs, and the Party’s Executive and caucus. In light of this support, this appointment will be ratified at the upcoming Party conference on November 2.

“Over the next few days, Mr. Simons indicated that he would announce the Party’s full Senate team, and the One Bermuda Alliance’s full Shadow Cabinet. The Party’s Executive Members, will be determine after the Party conference on November 3 which will see Mrs. Catherine Kempe and Mr. Justin Mathias vying for Party Chair. Mrs. Kempe, current Deputy Chair, was a candidate in the recent general election while Mr. Mathias is a former Senator who also ran in a previous bye-election. At that time we will also define our vision priorities as a team.

“In the interim, the OBA will fulfill its role as the Loyal Opposition. It will be effective, transparent, and respectful and will hold the PLP accountable for its behavior and policies. We will also make positive contributions to the manner in which the Country and Government is managed.

Mr. Simons said, “While I am delighted to be elected Leader, I want to publicly thank the Hon. Craig Cannonier JP MP for his commitment and unwavering leadership during his tenure as Party Leader. I also wish to thank the former Deputy Leader, Leah Scott JP MP for her hard work, and dedication.”

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  1. newperspectiva says:

    GOOD LUCK!! You are surely going to need it. And watch your back … you know what they did to Wayne Furbert when it came to election time?

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