Minister Asks Police To Provide Notice To Public

November 26, 2020

“I’ve communicated with the police leadership that when they intend to hold such training exercises that will have a community impact, they must provide clear and ample notification to the public,” Minister of National Security Renee Ming said.

This follows after last night’s police exercises, which involved a number of loud bangs, and resulted in a rumour circulating on social media that there had been a ‘shootout.’

Minister Renee Ming Bermuda Nov 2020

Minister Ming said, “It’s important to recognize that there’s heightened anxiety in our community for a number of reasons, most particularly being the fact that we are still navigating through a pandemic with additional local cases.

“This, coupled with recent activities of gun and knife violence – I can absolutely understand why the public concluded that last night’s Police training activity could have been associated with a response to anti-social behaviour.”

Minster Ming concluded, “I take the public safety concerns of our community very seriously. And I can confirm that I’ve communicated with the Police leadership that when they intend to hold such training exercises that will have a community impact, they must provide clear and ample notification to the public.

“This Government is keen to support the Police in their efforts to plan and prepare, however, we also expect that they have a level of empathy for the public during these challenging times.”

On a related note, the police sent an advisory today saying that they “will be conducting a live training exercise along with the Bermuda Coast Guard on the water throughout today.”

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  1. Vigilante says:

    The Minister of National Security might add to her comments a general suggestion that the social-media-using public find out facts before posting all manner of rumour and gossip on such sites. Facts can be determined from official sources, such as calling the police, checking official media and government websites, etc…

    • J says:

      So, if an apparent shootout were to occur in my backyard right now, you are saying that I should check official media and government websites rather than keep my friends and family safe by letting them know via whatsapp to not come to the area?

      • Sailor says:

        Errrhhh…. I believe one option was to call the police, if your friends are close enough to get caught up in it then they are probably close enough to hear it too and avoid it. Doubt they are goin* to hear it and check to see if you sent them a WhatsApp before deciding what to do

  2. puzzled says:

    Well said Vigilante.

    50/40/30 years ago the “Range” and other areas at Prospect were daily used for firearms training and it could be noisy as hell.
    I was there.
    Social media is used for people just getting their rocks off and attention.

  3. Watcher says:

    Minister Ming. What is it with you and your boss taking any and every opportunity to have a pop at the men and women of the BPS. We understand you don’t like that you don’t have control over the service, which you shouldn’t given the number of investigations they have ongoing about government officials, And we all understand you are still carrying a grudge regarding the Dec 2nd events. But you of all people should know These men and woman have been at the absolute point of the islands COVID response since day one, while we sheltered at home they were out day and night trying to keep us safe most of them haven’t had a break or vacation this year, they’re exhausted, they are facing crippling budget cuts which leave them with limited staff and sub standard vehicles and yet you and members of your government continually belittle and publicly criticize those who put themselves in harms way to ensure we are safe.

    • Dread says:

      I couldn’t have said that any better!!

    • Real Deal says:

      respect and working together are 2 way road if police want help from public they should give the public their due course