Household Waste Collection Service Advisory

December 31, 2020 | 31 Comments

Noting “possible delays to household waste collection” the Department of Works and Engineering’s Waste Management Section advised the public to please note the following service updates.

A Government spokesperson said, “Saturday’s collection of both Thursday and Friday’s household waste may be delayed. If so, the public is asked to leave bagged waste out for collection early on Sunday morning.

“Recycling for the east end will be completed on Saturday. As a reminder, please place your garbage and recyclables out for collection on your assigned day only.

“The Department apologizes for any inconvenience and asks the public for their patience, and to secure all uncollected garbage in a lidded bin until their next scheduled collection day. For further information about waste and recycling in Bermuda visit here or join us on Facebook.”

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  1. Boots says:

    you have had 364 days to prepare bless you cotton socks that this cannot be executed — so guess you expect everyone to go down to the end of multiple access driveways and collect it and take it back home what a bunch of JACK FROSTS :) :):) — out source this please

    • I and I says:

      Wow!! Talk about false narratives, jumping to conclusions and rumor spreading!!! Hold on to your boots! These delays can actually be blamed on Covid not maladministration!!

    • Iabingi says:

      Hey Boots…reality check, who creates the amount of garbage placed out for collection? Who complains when money has to be diverted to feed the unemployed and resources are diminished to accommodate this? Who is accountable for their own garbage. Always someone else.

    • What's new says:

      We have known of Covid for over 10 months. There has been more than enough time to plan for any disruptions in service. Excuses are useless. Those overtime cheques will be looking pretty as our tax dollars are being shelled out. No excuses please.

  2. Wahoo says:

    What a f#××ing joke! Unions have created a monster that the PLP support. Thank you all responsible for 30-6.

  3. 2020 Won says:

    That pretty much sums up 2020 in Bermuda – a growing pile of garbage.

    Pitiful education
    Crumbling roads
    Broken down buses
    The new Fintech turns out to be full of frauds – who knew?
    Record vacancy rates in both hotels and housing
    Businesses closing
    Empty shelves in the grocery stores
    Trash piling up in the street

    I think Bermuda has passed the ‘platinum period’

  4. Sandgrownan says:

    It’s fundamentally unacceptable that government can’t provide even the most basic public services.

    This is what you get for 20 years of incompetence. Failure.

    • 2021 says:

      At least now we will have only the PLP and FDM to vote for. Bermuda was tired of the UBP that only change the name to oba to run away from their racist past mistakes. After a 6 to 30 win even their own members didn’t vote for them.

      • wahoo says:

        Please list the racist mistakes. I think that deep down you are a bigger racist than anyone.

      • Sandgrownan says:

        As Bermuda slides into bankrupt third world &^%hole status.

        Hope you think it was worth it. 20 years and $3bn in debt.

        • Ray says:

          People like you are the reason black voters left the UBP and now OBA. Hope it was worth it by destroying your party.

          • Sandgrownan says:

            Not sure I follow your logic. Because I hold the PLP accountable for being useless, black voters left a party to which I am not connected?

            Ok. I think I understand. You want to blame a party that havent been in power for over 20 years because you hate the fact that the PLP have destroyed Bermuda.

      • Sandgrownan says:

        Every criticism is met with playing of the race card. Pathetic and predictable.

        • saud says:

          The majority of Bermudians don’t have the skills to think critically about their society.
          Their government is currently begging the UK to allow them to discriminate against some Bermudians.
          Think about that, now tell me they’re intelligent.

        • JAWS says:

          The ubp aka oba which I strongly support like many blk Bermudians back in the glory days day were true master at playing the race card. Don’t hate the plp hate the UBP for being the true MASTER at using SURROGATES to win their elections. If this was not the case why did the party change it’s name when the economy was blooming?

      • Question says:

        I think we can see who the racist is.

      • Answer says:

        My friend their bloggers will always denied this but Bermuda knows you speak the truth. The Oba received a real fat check and it proves the the voters are tired of their surrogate games.

        • Sandgrownan says:

          I think you meant to say “fact check”… but what does the OBA have to with the real fact that trash is piling up all over the island.

          You get what you vote for – 20 years of decline, lost jobs, $3bn of debt, failure to provide public services, poor education any even collect trash or run a bus service.

          This is all on the PLP. They own it, it’s their fault, their failure. They are the status quo.

          No amount of playing the race card will change that “fact”.

        • saud says:

          Bermudian voters prefer to be broke and uneducated….hence, the plp.

        • Ringmaster says:

          More like OBA voters didn’t want the OBA to have to take over the financial mess for a second time. Let the PLP own their own debt creation and the downfall it will cause. Last time the OBA tried, and partially succeeded, they were met with demonstrations, marches and continuous obstructions to overthrow them, aided by at least 2 of their own. The PLP wanted the power. They have it, 30-6 has consequences.

          • LOL says:

            Dam lololol you still mad for your election lost and just to think you was the first to oba that morning lol. Look on the brighter side the next election you can now vote FDM or PLP. No more surrogate UBP/OBA party.

            • Toodle-oo says:

              LOL , if and when the OBA disappears your hate will be re-directed to the FDM who will then be in your eyes the new surrogates.
              You don’t want ANY opposition so stop wasting your time trying act otherwise .

        • Sad says:

          Next election they will be out and the FDM will be the opposition!

  5. What? says:

    Thank you oba for giving us a $400 million dollar new airport with no ATM in the entire place! :)

    • Joe Bloggs says:

      “Thank you oba for giving us a $400 million dollar new airport with no ATM in the entire place!”

      When did the OBA start running cash machines?

      Is the OBA a licenced bank now?

      Why have there been no news reports about a political party carrying on banking activities?

  6. Joe Bloggs says:

    “Noting “possible delays to household waste collection” the Department of Works and Engineering’s Waste Management Section advised the public to please note the following service updates.”

    I, for one, am used to those delays. I gave up on recycling last year, having had only 2 recycling collections in the first 4 months of the year at irregular intervals.

  7. Unbelievable says:

    I’m sorry but can anyone explain why trash collection is in the situation it’s in? Is it staffing problems, machinery problems or not enough trash around to justify a service? What the heck is the problem because we’ve never really heard one.

    Do I need to go make a PATI request to find out?

  8. Question says:

    They can’t run buses and they can’t collect trash. God help us with sourcing and distributing vaccines.

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