Govt Invites Applications For Lifeguard Season

January 26, 2021

The Department of Parks is seeking seasonal full-time and seasonal reserve surf lifeguards for the 2021 lifeguard season, which generally runs from April to November.

Interested applicants are able to apply online.

Lifeguards Search Bermuda Jan 2021

The announcement posted on the Government website said, “Dynamic opportunities exist within the Department of Parks for the posts of seasonal full-time and seasonal reserve surf Lifeguards for the 2021 Lifeguard Season generally from April – November.

“Working under the direction of the Lifeguard Superintendent, successful applicants will be responsible for assisting in the operation of the Lifeguard Service. These positions require mature, reliable persons who possess excellent public relations skills and are able to manage confidential information as per service policies.

“Main duties will include, but not limited to:

  • “Observe aquatic activities in designated patrolled areas with a view to prevent emergency situations.
  • “Respond to both land and aquatic emergencies.
  • “Provide immediate first aid and emergency care to injured or unwell patrons.
  • “Compliance with the Lifeguard Service’s policies and procedures
  • “Inform and educate the public on beach/water safety through formal and informal contacts.
  • “Enforcement of the 1988 Bermuda National Parks Regulations and subsequent amendments.
  • “Regularly review beach safety operating procedures in addition to practicing rescue drills, resuscitation skills and engage in monthly physical assessments.
  • “Attendance at water safety/resuscitation workshops.
  • “Management and maintenance of Lifeguard equipment.
  • “Assisting with administrative duties of the Department of Parks when required.
  • “Assisting the Park Ranger Service and compliance with any other special working conditions inclusive of Emergency Measure Organization operations as it relates to the Department of Parks.

“Applicants must be 16 years of age or older at time of commencing a training course in addition to being a strong swimmer, be in good health and possess a fairly high level of fitness prior to undertaking the training course. Applicants must pass the Initial Swim Assessment [ISA] of 400 meters in 8 minutes or less to be considered for the training course and seasonal employment.

“Although any previous swimming, lifesaving experience or similar qualifications would be an advantage to have, it will not be accepted in lieu of attending any part of a training course.

“Selections for employment are based on successful performance in the swim assessment, interview, training course, availability for work and if necessary, an additional interview as well as Physical Assessment performance to assist with final selections.

“Recruitment Packages with applications included can be collected from and submitted to the office of the Department of Parks, Ground Floor, Global House, 43 Church Street, Hamilton HM12. Alternatively, Recruitment Packages can be found online.

“For additional information, please contact the Department of Parks at 236-5902 or e-mail”

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