Ministry: 62 Bus Runs Cancelled On Tuesday

February 2, 2021 | 4 Comments

[Updated] The Ministry released the list of bus cancellations for this morning [February 2] with the list indicating that there are twenty bus runs cancelled so far today.

Bus Cancellations AM Bermuda Feb 2 2021

Update 4.05pm: The Ministry has released the list of bus cancellations for this afternoon. There were 20 runs cancelled this morning, 42 cancelled this afternoon, for a total of 62 cancelled today.

Bus Cancellations PM Bermuda Feb 2 2021

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  1. sandgrownan says:

    Are we tired yet of endless PLP success?

    • LMAO says:

      Shouldn’t you be busy trying to find more surrogates to help you flip the 30-6? How can the voters return when you appear to be a white supremist and you wonder why so many voters left.

      • sandgrownan says:

        Pulling of the race card is to be expected, but this is about competence. The PLP have been in power for, what, 20 of the past 24 years. They own *this*, they have massive political capital, they are in charge as I’m reminded constantly when I point out their failure.

        And yet here we are, almost $4bn in debt, trash doesn’t get collected, buses don’t run ….need I go one.

        How does criticising their continued failure make me a white supremacist?

  2. sandgrownan says:

    PLP success gets better almost by the hour!

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