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April 8, 2021 | 2 Comments

A new business — founded by Dr. Kevin Minors — called Bermuda Data Analytics has launched on the island, with the data consultancy firm specialising in cloud migration, data lake formation, machine learning, and business intelligence reporting.

A spokesperson said, “Hello World! Introducing Bermuda Data Analytics, a data consultancy using machine learning and cloud computing to harness the power of your data. We specialise in cloud migration, data lake formation, machine learning, and business intelligence reporting.

Bermuda Data Analytics April 2021

“Cloud migration – move your on-premises data to the cloud.

“Hosting your data on-premises requires expensive upfront server costs, estimating demand during busy periods, and under utilization during quiet periods. Migrating your data to the cloud removes these burdens.

“In the cloud, there are no upfront costs and only pay-as-you-go pricing, you can scale up and down to meet your current business demand, and the cloud can handle the undifferentiated server management while you focus on delivering quality data products.

“Data lake formation – store all your data in one place.

“Storing your data across numerous files, databases, servers, and applications makes it difficult to access aggregated results across the whole business, it is hard to ensure data is consistent everywhere, and it complicates the process to enforce data security and data integrity best practices. With a data lake, all of your data is in one place.

“This makes it easy to query data across the whole business, it ensures everyone is looking at the same consistent data, and it agrees with data security and data integrity best practices.

Bermuda Data Analytics April 2021 2

“Machine learning – unlock hidden insights in your data.

“Knowing what data you have is no longer enough to stay one step ahead of your competitors, to build data products that disrupt your industry, or to provide highly personalized experiences for your customers. Using machine learning, you can unlock the hidden insights in your data.

“You can find insightful patterns and relationships in your data, make predictions into the future based on historical data, and provide a fully customized experience for your customers.

“Business intelligence reporting – visualize your data insights effectively.

“If you cannot effectively communicate your data insights to your business, poor data decisions are made, your business processes are negatively affected, and the value of the insight is lost. With the latest tools in business intelligence report, you can effectively visualize your data insights.

“These reports provide clear visualizations to highlight actionable insights, build custom data aggregations for each part of your business, and reduce the time between the data question and the data answer.

“The company was founded by Dr. Kevin Minors, MMath Phd, a 3X-certified AWS Machine Learning Specialist with numerous years of experience in the field of machine learning, cloud computing, and data analytics. His clients have ranged from large infrastructure providers to small research labs.

“He is known for his award-winning presentations and his ability to explain complex ideas to any audience. He holds a PhD in Mathematics from the University of Bath and he completed his undergraduate and masters degree in Mathematics at the University of Oxford. In his free time, he enjoys going for runs and taking his puppy for walks.

“To begin the journey of harnessing the power of your data, please visit or email”

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  1. David Petty says:

    Good luck Dr. Minors, I suspect that if there isn’t currently, there will be a significant demand for a consultancy such as yours as native cloud services such as those offered by AWS are the future for data protection and privacy.

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