Bermuda Donates Vaccines To Trinidad & Tobago

May 22, 2021 | 14 Comments

Bermuda is donating Covid-19 vaccines to Trinidad and Tobago as ”we have an overabundance of vaccines.”

The Trinidad and Tobago Newsday media reported, “This country will receive donations of Covid-19 AstraZeneca vaccines from St Vincent and the Grenadines and Bermuda.

“He [Trinidad's Minister of Foreign and Caricom Affairs] said St Vincent had sent 16,000 doses and Bermuda will send 8,000 doses. Those vaccines will expire at the end of June and he said the Health Ministry has indicated they will have sufficient time to ensure they are fully and properly utilised. He said the donation from Bermuda will arrive by next week,” the report said.

Bernews checked with local officials and they said that report is accurate, and speaking in the House of Assembly last night, Premier David Burt said that as “we have an overabundance of vaccines we are going to be donating our excess,” with the Premier noting that the Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago called him to thank Bermuda for the donation.

As of the most recent vaccination statistics, Bermuda has administered a total of 65,497 vaccinations, with 47.7% of the population having received two doses thus far.

Short extract of the Premier’s comments last night:

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You can find more information on the links below and also on our dedicated website, which is the most comprehensive resource and historic record available of Bermuda’s handling of the pandemic.

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  1. Pickled says:


  2. Question says:

    Hopefully their population is not so stupid as to refuse to take them.

  3. WTF? says:

    Its not ours to donate!!! They came from the UK and we should have used them or not ordered so many!! What a pile of BS from the PLP!! Like they are really the ones who owned the vaccines and are not gifting it to another Country!! Cant write this stuff!

    • rendezvous says:

      Would you rather we let them expire? Then no one gets to use them.

    • Wow says:

      Easy, Turbo, these doses didn’t come from the UK. We bought AstraZeneca doses from Covax.

    • dgirl says:

      What is your problem… this is what the UK ordered for our country… They ordered enough vaccines for everyone in Bermuda to be vaccinated and they have tried over and over to get everyone vaccinated , but there are so many that are still reluctant to take the vaccine, so yes IT is BERMUDAS to donate to another country and they are being kind and smart not to WASTE them…

  4. raskarr says:

    So sad. We don’t have an “overabundance”, almost half the island still needs to be vaccinated!

  5. Great Dane says:


    Not uses more like, because for some reason Bermuda believes it knows better than the rest of the world.

    The only places that are in the same boat are rural
    nations – notably Malawi, and the reason?

    A lack of education.

  6. Bermp says:

    I imagine the UK are rolling their eyes at the stupidity of this nation and hoping they vote to leave them pretty soon.

    • I win the Internet today says:

      Now wait a minute! Surely the Queen values the offerings of a single Peppercorn and a bunch of Lillies from us as a grateful Nation? Surely the loss of Bermuda as part of the Commonwealth would bring the UK to its end?

  7. Burt, this is on you says:

    Burt? Burt? Embarrassed much?

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