Official Govt & Legal Notices For June 10 2021

June 10, 2021

The official Government and Legal notices for today [June 10] include temporary fundraising licence & list of proposed planning applications.


Temporary Fundraising Licence – Kijani Burgess Dream Award

  • Notice Type: Government Notice
  • Notice Sub Type: Public Notification
  • Notice ID: GN0476/2021
  • Public Authorities / Department: Registry General
  • Publication Date: 10 June 2021

The Charities Act, 2014

The Persons Named Hereunder Have Been Approved For

Temporary Fundraising Licence T2107E

Issued to Kijani Burgess Dream Award in accordance with the Charities Act 2014, section 43 [5]

The Temporary Fundraising Licence is issued for the period June 10, 2021 to September 10, 2021

Applicant Licensee and Custodian of the funds:

  • Antoinette Burgess, Custodian of Funds
  • Yulanda Francis, Applicant

The Licensee and Custodian of the funds are required to submit to the Registrar a revenue and expense report detailing the sources and uses of the funds raised within two [2] months of the expiration of this Licence or no later than November 10, 2021.

Aubrey Pennyman

Registrar General


List Of Proposed Planning Applications Advertised June 10, 2021

  • Notice Type: Government Notice
  • Notice Sub Type: Notification Of Planning Applications Registered
  • Notice ID: GN0475/2021
  • Public Authorities / Department: Planning
  • Publication Date: 10 June 2021

Government Of Bermuda

Department Of Planning

Dame Lois Browne‑Evans Building, 58 Court Street, Hamilton HM 12, Bermuda

Phone: [441] 295‑5151 Fax: [441] 295‑4100

Listing Of Plan Applications Registered [For Advertisement]

Applications registered between on June 10, 2021. This list was printed on June 10, 2021.

Objections to applications must be received within 14 days of the date advertised [June 24, 2021]

Summary of Application Details

The applications shown below are available for review on the EnerGov Customer Self Service Portal [], or during normal working hours at the Department of Planning, 5th Floor, Dame Lois Browne Evans Building, 58 Court Street, Hamilton HM 12.

Letters of objection should state any interest which the objector[s] may have in property nearby, supply an address at which notice may be served on the objector[s], and provide a concise statement of the grounds of the objection.

For further information on the objection procedure see the Development and Planning [Applications Procedure]

Rules 1997.

Application Application #


Steven and Marcy King P0241‑21

22 Crossfield Drive

Sandys, MA03

Proposed renovations to an existing house, consisting of the addition of a new bathroom, bedroom, porch, basement, master bedroom, master bathroom, family room, garage and workshop.

[Final Approval]


Tricia Warner P0258‑21

67 Valley Road

Paget, PG02

Proposed alterations and additions to create 3rd dwelling unit by internal conversion of an existing 3 bedroom unit into a 2 bedroom unit [3 units total], new balcony extension with concrete pillars and glass paneling, extend existing upper level bedrooms and new entry hall below

[Final Approval]

Bermuda Hospitals Board P0209‑21

7 Point Finger Road

Paget, DV04

Proposed addition and renovations to laundry facilities by adding a new laundry corridor link.

[Final Approval]


Alicia Nimo Saavedra P0270‑21

17 Mill Shares Road

Pembroke, HM05

Proposed conversion of the guest house into 3rd dwelling unit, second entrance/ driveway with entrance gate [7 ft. 3 in." max height] and pillars [5 ft. 6 in. max height.] [3 units total]

[Final Approval]


The Bermuda Football Association P0139‑21

6 BFA Way

Devonshire, DV02

Proposed excavation of lower floor interior uninhabitable space creating additional office and meeting space and the erection of 8 ft. high chain link security fencing around property

[Final Approval]


Ministry of Public Works P0128‑21

86 South Road

Smiths, HS01

Coastal Protection Works.

[Final Approval]

Frank Amaral P0238‑21

Vacant foreshore lot,

North of 74 Harrington Sound Road

Proposed rock cut 5 feet maximum to form new concrete deck with associated seawall, new steps down from Harrington Sound Road, Roadside Fence 36 inches high with gate and columns.

[Final Approval]


Sean & Melissa Moore PLAN‑0561‑20

18 South Road

Hamilton, HS02

Proposed new detached single family dwelling with swimming pool

[Final Approval]

St. George

Ferry Reach Co. Ltd P0257‑21

69 Ferry Road

St. George’s, GE01

Proposed retroactive application for remove windows/door/shutters and install timber windows/doors/shutters and internal renovations to unit n3 ‑ Listed Building

[Final Approval]

Town of St. George

Julie Dill‑Hoerrmann P0260‑21

18 Wellington Street

Town of St. George, GE02

Proposed renovations and additions to create a cafe, new cess pit, exterior wooden deck w/ pergola, wooden access ramp & steps

[Final Approval]


The official notices above have been republished from the relevant section on the official Government website. If you wish to view ‘hard copies’, the Department of Libraries & Archives prints them and you can visit the main library on Queen Street or the Government Archives in the Government Administration Building on Parliament Street to view them.

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