Bermuda One-Two Yacht Race Underway

June 5, 2021 | 0 Comments

The Bermuda One-Two Yacht Race got underway in Newport, Rhode Island. Boats and classes are starting to separate themselves as they get into the open water.

Dragon is the early leaders skippered by Michael Hennessy, with Gryphon Solo are in second with Joe Harris at the helm, and Kent Racing skippered by Tim Kent is in third.

Bermuda One-Two Yacht Race Leaderboard

1 Dragon
2 Gryphon Solo
3 Kent Racing
4 Choucas 3
5 Kiwi Spirit II
6 Alchemy
7 Young American
8 Cepheus
9 Wildeyes
10 Melantho
11 Reveille
12 Dauntless
13 Highlander
14 Rubicon
15 Rocinante
16 Adventure-us
17 Glory
18 Gryphon
19 Corvus
20 Relentless
21 Topaz
22 Windswept

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