Summer Employment Programme Concludes

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The Department of Workforce Development’s Summer Employment Programme recently concluded with the interns participating in career guidance webinars.

A Government spokesperson said, “The Department of Workforce Development’s 2021 Summer Employment Programme recently concluded with the interns participating in two career guidance webinars last Thursday and Friday.

“The Summer Employment Programme assists participants in developing their career goals by connecting work experiences to their academic learning. This year’s programme began in June with 75 students placed in internships based on their interest within Government, private and non-profit sectors.

“Work assignments are professional and based on entry-level job descriptions. The students are encouraged to use the opportunity to develop further their leadership and decision-making skills and career and work competency standards.

“For their efforts, the students received a $6,000 stipend over the 10 weeks to assist with their educational and living costs.

Development Summer Employment Programme Interns Bermuda Aug 2021

“Despite forgoing the social gathering customarily held to celebrate the year’s interns, Minister Jason Hayward shared his thoughts on the programme.”

Minister Hayward said, “The experience provided by Department of Workforce Development’s Summer Employment Programme is integral to the success of students as they progress throughout their education.

“It allows them to apply their knowledge and gain critical work experience that can be used later in life when seeking employment. This Government will remain committed to our students and providing this invaluable opportunity.”

Ryley Tannock, summer intern and student at the University of Law, Birmingham, said, “For my undergraduate studies, I attended Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, where I obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree with a double major in Criminology and Psychology. Now over the next two years, I will be working toward completing my postgraduate law degree.

“Thanks to the Department of Workforce Development, I had the pleasure of working at the Department of Public Prosecutions, where I shadowed a member of Crown Counsel and provided assistance in case and trial development, legal research, filing, trial execution, and administrative support.

“Now, I can include the experience of working in and around criminal law and litigation in my CV to enhance my professional development and background information. As I continue pursuing my educational goals and career, I feel even more confident in my ability to achieve success in my chosen program.

“I thank the Minister of Labor MP Jason Hayward and his Ministry for investing into the youth of Bermuda by allocating funding for the DWD Summer Employment Program.”

The Government spokesperson said, “Studying Early Childhood Development at the University of Derby, Jordyn Ming shared her summer experience working at the Happy Vally Child Care Center. There, she engaged with the children during their daily activities to guide them, ensure they learned new skills and had fun every day while ensuring their safety was her number one priority.”

Ms. Ming said, “This time helped me learn to be more patient and open-minded when managing the kids because they are all different. I realized the need to have fun, be goofy, and step out of my comfort zone. The work ethic and experiences I’ve gained with be applied to my future studies and career.”

Justin Bascome-Dickinson, summer intern studying architecture at the University of Preston, said, “Throughout this summer internship, I’ve remodelled the kitchen, cafeteria, and outdoor seating at Fort Langton and completed inspections at locations like the new Airport Covid screening area. Along the way, one major lesson I’ve learned while working in the field is always to have a backup plan. Architecture is a very client-based field.

“Things can change overnight, and you might need to modify your original plan. The second thing I have done this summer that has helped me is inspections. Architects should have a good understanding of what inspectors look for. Going on-site visits and doing inspections has pushed my work to another level.”

Brandon Phillips, who recently obtained his Bachelor degree in Sports at Doncaster University and described his summer internship as an eye-opening experience, said, “I have gained work experience in the field along with two other interns. We have been able to communicate and work together as a team very well. Going on radio stations and sharing my life experience and finding something enjoyable outside of sport has been a new and great experience.”

The Government spokesperson said, “The Department of Workforce Development Summer Employment Programme will accept applications for 2022 placement in January 2022. For more information, please visit here.”

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