Opposition Leader On Reduced Air Service

October 28, 2021 | 7 Comments

“While the pandemic has played in role in negatively affecting air service to Bermuda, what is the Government, the Airport Authority and the Bermuda Tourism Authority [BTA] doing to make the island an attractive destination for potential vacationers,” Opposition Leader Cole Simons said.

“It’s such a disappointment to see the loss of the direct flight to and from Boston for the next several months. This deeply affects particularly those who rely on the route to seek overseas medical treatment. Along with being concerned about their medical situation, they have the added stress, and potential additional cost, of how are they going to get to their final destination.

“Minister Scott has said the Minimum Revenue Guarantee has not been paid towards the Boston route for some time. Perhaps that’s where the coffers could have been channeled instead of the further expansion of the civil service.

“Other key air links have drastically reduced service including Miami which has been hit or miss as far as flights are concerned for months. Not only is Miami a link to the Southeast, it is a key link to the Caribbean, central and south America.

“All of this and the Government, BTA and Airport Authority have been relatively quiet! Why is the Miami service so scarce? Why have the airlines cut back services to Bermuda when travellers are regaining the confidence to fly again?

“What exactly are the stumbling blocks and what is being implemented to circumvent them? Has the island implemented any incentives?

“Not only do Bermudians rely on air lift, it is crucial for our hospitality industry. It looks like the PLP has planted a seed for a ghost island this coming winter. And let’s not forget the lack of action on the Fairmont Southampton project and how that property being closed impacts the hospitality industry and airlift.

“We cannot just take this on the chin. The country needs answers.”

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  1. Jus' Askin' says:

    imagine you and your party did not put us on the hook for the airport

    monies paid out may have been used for times like this

    so less flights means more to be paid out on this airport deal

    • Truthhertz says:

      Now do the PLPO’s $400m annual deficits and the devastating impact that their irresponsible spending splurges have had on our public finances.

      I double dare you.

    • sandgrownan says:

      You’d be paying out for an airport anyway you muppet.

    • Toodle-oo says:

      You obviously haven’t given any thought to the 3.5BN of debt for your own biased reasons.
      Jus’ wait until the effects of that start kickin’ in , as it hasn’t yet.

  2. watching says:

    This guy talks only because he can. Does he even think about what he is saying?
    OBA is finished.

    • Truthhertz says:

      Excellent reply as usual. Full of facts and intellectual musings. Well done sheep.

      • JAWS says:

        Stop getting mad. We both know the POEPLE are not voting for you clowns and sheep.

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