Ministry: 47 Bus Runs Cancelled On Monday

November 29, 2021

[Updated] The Ministry released the list of bus cancellations for this morning [November 29] with the list indicating that there are eighteen bus runs cancelled so far today.

Bus Cancellations AM Bermuda Nov 29 2021

Update 4.05pm: The Ministry has released the list of bus cancellations for this afternoon. There were 18 runs cancelled this morning, 29 cancelled this afternoon, for a total of 47 cancelled today.

Bus Cancellations PM Bermuda Nov 29 2021

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  1. Proud Bermudian says:

    Why are there so many scheduled bus runs cancelled, and listed the next day? We don’t even get an explanation as to why they are cancelled!I feel blessed to have my own transportation, but it must be so frustrating for people using the bus service to not know if their regular bus is running or not; and also having to explain being late to their employers. What’s going on?