Quinn Talbot Honoured By Government Trustees

December 23, 2021 | 2 Comments

Quinn Talbot, who recently retired from his duties at Ocean View Golf Course, has been recognized by the Trustees of the Bermuda Government Golf Courses.

A spokesperson said, “Quinn Talbot, who has recently retired from his daily duties at Ocean View Golf Course, spanning more than two decades, has been recognized by the Trustees of the Bermuda Government Golf Courses, who wanted to show recognition commensurate with the level of excellence Quinn Talbot has brought to the game of golf, Ocean View Golf Course and Bermuda.

“At the final Trustee meeting for 2021, a motion was unanimously passed to recognize Quinn Talbot as Teaching Golf Professional Emeritus tp afford him honorary membership at Ocean View to play and ply his trade for as long as he is able or desires.

Quinn Talbot Bermuda December 2021

“At 70+ years old. Quinn Talbot has taught thousands of golfers, including his top student the late Madeline Joell – a former Miss Bermuda and Ladies Amateur Champion – who died in 1999 during her first three months of being elected to the Bermuda Parliament.

“Ironically, the USGA are introducing a National Adaptive Championship for disabled golfers but this comes a little late for Quinn Talbot’s career. Nonetheless, he is a pioneer for all disabled sportspersons globally. In fact, a young Quinn Talbot played outstanding cricket and featured in the Eastern County for his beloved Cleveland County Cricket Club.”

Kim Swan, Chairman of the Consolidated Board of Trustees, said, “We have been well served by Quinn Talbot. He is a renaissance man ahead of his time, another Bermudian who took on the world. Today, it’s becoming more commonplace to recognize and celebrate diversity, but Quinn Talbot was a trailblazer long before that. He never allowed his circumstances to handicap him – he remains a role model for us all. In addition, he’s another of the exceptional Tuckers Town golfers who came to Ocean View Golf Course.”

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  1. Joe Bloggs says:

    Here, here! A much deserved tribute to Quinn Talbot!

  2. I agree well deserved

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