BRSC: “Aim For Better Driving” In 2022

January 24, 2022

The Bermuda Road Safety Council [BRSC] is encouraging motorists to “aim for better driving behaviors” in 2022.

A spokesperson said, “A New Year brings a new start and with that the BRSC wants to encourage motorists to aim for better driving behaviors in this New Year. In 2022, the BRSC aims to reduce collisions and fatalities on our roads and it takes all road users doing their part to help.

“The BRSC would like to mention our mission and vision statement, as we want the public to know what our mission is and what our vision is. We want the community’s buy in on our journey of road safety. No pun intended: if we all take the journey of road safety together then we all have a stake in road safety and each one can do their part to make the roads safe.

“The mission statement of the BRSC is to educate the public with effective tools to reduce collisions and road fatalities.

“The vision statement is to create a safer road culture that promotes positive riding/driving practices, creating smarter road users and saving lives.

“These are our two guiding principles along with Operation Caution, The Road Safety Plan 2018-2023, that we are mandated to address road safety in Bermuda and reduce collisions and fatalities year on year.

“As we kick off this new year of 2022, let’s remember to use the correct gear while traveling on the roads. If you are a pedestrian, always walk, jog or run facing the traffic coming towards you. Wearing bright and reflective clothing at dusk and dawn, or in inclement weather is being safe and cautious.

“If you are riding or driving a motorcycle or vehicle or electrically assisted vehicle, always remember to drive at the correct speed, use your indicators when turning and giving your full attention to driving. These are a few ways to help make our roads safer.

“It is always important to reiterate don’t drink and drive. Driving while under the influence is not only one of the top causes for collisions but also the most dangerous. The BRSC encourages and implores the motoring public to plan ahead if you are going to consume alcohol. There are many options to choose from instead of driving while under the influence, such as a taxi, minibus, a friend, Home Safe, Hitch, or lastly a designated driver. Choose wisely.

“Slow down, drive with care and caution, and don’t drink and drive Bermuda.”

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  1. Justobserving says:

    Start with the Sargasso drivers…