BWS Issue Gale Warning For Saturday

January 28, 2022

[Updated] The Bermuda Weather Service [BWS] has issued a Gale Warning valid for Saturday morning [Jan 29] through Saturday evening.

The BWS forecast says, “A weak front lingers nearby maintaining cloudy skies and the potential for rain and showers. This pattern eases at times today before winds begin to strengthen.

Update: A look at the weather on Saturday

“Then on Saturday, a rapidly developing low pressure system drives a vigorous cold front through the area, rapidly increasing winds towards gale force with possible storm force gusts and bringing plenty of wet weather. Expect the front to clear into Sunday leaving cool but gusty conditions in its wake.”

Update: The BWS has also issued a Thunderstorm Advisory. Their updated forecast for today states, “Low pressure to the distant northwest deepens and drives a cold front through Bermuda today with showers, perhaps heavy at times along with the risk of thunder and strong to gale force wind that gust to storm force.”

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