Honouring The Life Of Archbishop Desmond Tutu

January 2, 2022 | 1 Comment

[Joint statement supported by a number of local personalities including former Premiers Alex Scott & Sir John Swan, Senator Joan Dillas Wright, Senator Michelle Simmons, Lisa Reed, Dwight Jackson, Keith Jensen, Kevin Grant, Bishop Dill, Bishop Wes Spiewak, Imam Saleem Talbot. Rev Erskine Simmons and Diana Kempe]

The passing of Archbishop Desmond Tutu represents a significant global milestone. In honouring the life of this exemplar of the better characteristics of our Human Family, we – the undersigned – highlight Tutu’s demonstration of human solidarity, which knew no boundaries. In doing so, we invite each of us across generations and the Planet, for at least the next 12 months of 20-Tutu [2022], to consider personal ways to walk the talk of solidarity – reflecting a sense of reverence for each other, which Tutu exemplified.

The following are some examples of actions that might be taken. Of course, there are other options you might come up with:

  • Identify a family in your neighbourhood that could benefit from some regular assistance and collaborate with them on a plan which fosters their collective agency.
  • Consider the work of the variety of charities/NGOs in your community which – in your view are playing an empowering role in promoting solidarity and reach out to at least one of them regarding how you can collaborate, at least periodically.
  • Brainstorm with some colleagues on ways to support the Campaign initiated by India & South Africa to have the World Trade Organizations [WTO], for a temporary waiver on the Intellectual Property Rights for COVID Vaccines. This campaign, with the slogan ‘No One is Safe Until We are All Safe’ has gained the support of more than 100 countries. However, the process that requires consensus is being forestalled – notably by Germany & the U.K. – thus severely undermining the provision of vaccines to the poorest parts of the Globe. This short-sightedness will lead to more variants, thus extending the pandemic’s impact globally.
  • Consider providing sustained support as an act of solidarity to families/children in some other part of the Globe than your own. Please do your due-diligence in assessing the track-record of the program with which you decide to collaborate.
  • Collaborate with friends and family on ways in which you might collaborate on addressing the existential threat posed by the Climate Catastrophe.
  • Suggestion for either a personal reflection or one which could involve a confidante: Reflect on a circumstance in the past or a potential one in the future, in which you employ one or more of the following characteristics exemplified in Tutu’s life-story: forgiveness, generosity, kindness, integrity and authenticity.”

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  1. Great idea says:

    A great list of suggestions for 20 tw0 two (tu tu) but how will success be measured . Bishop Tutu was very worried that his sacrifice and that of Mandela and others did not contribute to a better South Africa We have been let down by the poor leadership now being shown after such huge sacrifices. When wo working people who marched fought or sang..were imprisoned..benefit with better housing and job. That’s what the treaty above should speak to. The truth that things are worse there now.

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