Old Hangar On Boaz Island Being Demolished

February 2, 2022 | 7 Comments

Having been scheduled for demolition since 2015, the old airplane hangar in the west end is now being demolished, with WEDCo noting that after the front façade collapsed last year they “could not prolong this project as it became a health and safety issue.”

The structure is part of the old Royal Naval Air Station on Boaz Island, and in describing it, Volume 10 of the Heritage Matters publication from the National Museum of Bermuda said, “Some 30 buildings were extant on Boaz Island in 1942, of which 20 have been demolished since the island came under civilian control in the early 1950s.

“Of the FAA buildings, a hanger exists, as do the two slipways for the seaplanes, one facing the Great Sound and the other looking to Mangrove Bay, next to the Boaz Island gas station; many today probably think those latter features were made for the convenience of launching boats, not of the flying species.

“The main aircraft used on the Bermuda station was the Supermarine Walrus. It was an amphibious biplane that could be launched by a catapult from a warship, or as at Boaz Island, it had wheels by which it could be trundled down a slipway and launched, boat-like, into the sea,” Heritage Matters noted.

A WEDCo spokesperson told Bernews, “The Hangar has had multiple hurricane damages and has been scheduled for demolition since 2015. The demolition had been deferred year after year, as it was not critical at the particular time.

“In 2021 after the front façade had collapsed, it became apparent that we could not prolong this project, as it became a health and safety issue for the community.

“This was further supported by the Ministry of Public Works. WEDCo then sought Board approval for the Tender for Asbestos Abatement and Demolition in September 2021.

“The tender was gazetted in November 2021, Island Construction Limited was awarded the contract. Notices were sent to all surrounding tenants and private home owners prior to works commencing on January 24 and this project will conclude on or before the end of February 2022.

“All safety protocols are being monitored by Bda Water Consultants who is the asbestos consultant for this project.”

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  1. puzzled says:

    Those telephone/electric poles don’t look to happy.

  2. Boaz Community says:

    I’m glad to see the old hanger gone. It would be nice if a state of the art community be erected for the Sandy’s community. A beautiful indoor gymnasium should replace the hanger.

  3. Toodle-oo says:

    I remember going in there with my pops when I was a child and the ‘Clock Block’ housing was next door .
    The late Bill Williams who had a thriving tour boat business and the Chris Craft agency back then used it as winter storage for his and client’s boats. The place was filled with incredible Chris Craft and Century woodies in beautiful condition.
    I will say though that it’s a shame the slip has fallen into disrepair as it would be a much needed alternative place to trailer boats from.
    And whoever owns that Donzi , please don’t neglect it.

  4. Marine Life says:

    Too Bad at how the Island continues to allow its history to evaporate into the wind. Wedco should have sought to keep it’s historical structures with the Main Government’s assistance. Too much destroying been going on for decades on this island, which these buildings are good educational points for the generations. But no, we like to destroy our history as if we were a bunch of slap Graffiti artists.
    Other jurisdictions many times will preserve and repurpose old structures, preserving history. It is our roots from our parents and grandparents. It would have been nice if more train ornaments were left over along the Railway Trail from the old train. All we have left is nine old stations and some concrete trestle supports. Could have been much more preserved. Nope- Destroy, Destroy and Destroy some more. If I destroy, I get locked up, but Gov’t loves to destroy and not preserve.

  5. JoJo says:

    I live very near to the hangar. I agree with you it would have been nice to see it preserved and to have turned into a museum with a tea room for tourists and locals…the train with tourists come through this road every year…

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